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Graduate Student ePortfolios

During Fall 2010, as part of a nine-member team, I investigated using ePortfolio for graduate programmatic assessment in the College of Engineering. We developed three  ePortfolio tools for three different graduate engineering programs (AOE, BSE, and ME).  The three departments are in the early adoption stages, with students expected to begin using the electronic portfolio implementations in Spring 2011.

As team leader for my assigned department, I worked closely with faculty and students to ensure the ePortfolio framework was designed to meet departmental requirements, but also included support for reflection and other scholarly activities.

In Spring 2011, I followed-up on our ePortfolio work by developing a survey to determine student perceptions of ePortfolios during the early adoption phase.

In Summer 2011, to aid engineering departments that are beginning to integrate electronic portfolios (ePortfolios) into their graduate programs, I located and evaluated current ePortfolio software, contrasted capabilities, and prepared a report. This work was a preliminary step for a five-year NSF-funded grant involving four different universities (see Portfolio to Professoriate

  • Louis, R., Mohammadi-Aragh, M. J., Brown, P., Mann, K., Carrico, C., Cross, K., Janeski, J., & McNair, L. (in press). Assessing graduate engineering programs with eportfolios: A comprehensive design process. Advances in Engineering Education, accepted June 2012.

  • Mohammadi-Aragh, M. J. & McNair, L. (in preparation).  Graduate engineering student perceptions of ePortfolios and the role of departmental culture.