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CAVE Interaction

One of the side effects of regularly working in a immersive virtual environment is that you become painfully aware of the limitations of the existing, commercially-available controllers.  My research surrounding interaction devices in the CAVETM is based on practical experience and the need for different types of input devices for ongoing research projects.

In 2002, as part of my senior design project, I helped develop an interface that would allow multiple types of playstationTM controllers to be connected to the CAVETM and used for navigation.  While some of the controllers were connected for fun (e.g., the Dance Dance Revolution pad), the project filled a need by allowing racing controllers and other pertinent devices to be interfaced.  Essentially, any controller that could be connected to a playstationTM could be connected through our interface.  Think of the possibilities!

In 2003, we interfaced a PalmTM device with the CAVETM in order to assist users with text entry and note taking while exploring a massive virtual forest.  We also included maps on the PalmTM so that users would have an overview map and could avoid getting lost in the forest.

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