I am a Ph.D. candidate studying Engineering Education at Virginia Tech. My dissertation, Characterizing Student Attention in Technology-Infused Classrooms Using Real-time Active Window Data, combines my knowledge of image processing and feature detection with an educational theoretical framework. My research, requiring knowledge from both an engineering domain and an education domain, is an exemplar of engineering education research.

In addition to conducting research, I am teaching a second-semester, first-year engineering course and coordinating the corresponding laboratories.  The course gives first-year engineering students a practical introduction to electrical and computer engineering.  My teaching experience has afforded me opportunities to mentor undergraduates as they are transitioning into their chosen engineering major.  It has also allowed me to direct graduate students in their early teaching experiences.

I am currently seeking an academic appointment that will allow me to grow as an engineering education professional.  I want to direct productive engineering education research projects to improve expert understanding, and I want to design and teach effective engineering courses to improve novice understanding.  

This site provides information regarding past and present research projects, teaching experience, and professional credentials.  Please use the links on the left to navigate to the various content areas.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.