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The movie "Instructions Not Included," with Eugenio Derbez as actor, director and one of the writers, turned in the biggest Spanish-language opening ever over the Labor Day holiday weekend in the U.S., according to studio estimates Monday.It took in $10 million and ranked fifth at the box office, competing with blockbusters such as "The Butler" and Disney animation "Planes" that were shown in 10 times more theaters."

Latinos are becoming more and more the population. In a way, you can count on them to be an anchor audience," said Charles Ramirez Berg, media studies professor at the University of Texas and author of "Latino Images in Film." The comedy tells the story of Valentin, a playboy in the resort city of Acapulco who one day is paid a surprise visit by one of his conquests and her baby daughter, who is his. The mother runs away, forcing the single heartthrob into a parent role.Valentin moves with his daughter to Los Angeles after learning the mother might live there. Even when they fail to find her, they stay in the U.S., where blonde, blue-eyed Maggie grows up speaking an accent-less English in school and flawless Spanish at home. One day, the mother shows up to claim her daughter. "

It's comedy, drama. It's about family. It's about parenting children. And you are going to get the audience that can relate to that," Ramirez Berg said.Even when the movie did not get the Hollywood P.R. treatment and relied mostly on Derbez's social media influence for promotion, it packed theaters in California and Texas over the weekend. It brought the 347 theaters where it opened $28,800 each in average ticket sales, according to Hollywood.com.

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