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Lin is in the middle of questioning the captain of the ship, and it’s noted that this is the 3rd attack this week in the same spot. The captain notes that the bombs seemed like they were being detonated remotely, like the bombs at the Cultural Center attack.
Varrick relates that he’s upset about the stolen shipment, which Asami states could lead to the end of Future Industries. Mako goes into the interview with the captain and his crew, bringing the detonator from the Cultural Center bombing.
Mako’s not able to convince any involved that the two bombings are related. When Varrick and Asami come to Mako’s rescue, Lin tells them all to leave.
Mako plans a Sting operation with a bait ship to capture whoever’s attacking the ships. Asami tells Mako that they can both defend the ship. Asami guilts him into letting her help with the Sting. Varrick offers his help via his resources.
Later on, Mako and Asmai watch on as the mecha tanks are delivered. They discuss their final preparations on the bait ship. When Asami asks where Korra is, Mako lies and says she’s out of town.
Mako goes to get Bolin, and finds that Bolin has been spending his movie-star money luxuriously. Mako tells Bolin that he needs his brother’s help, but Bolin denies him. “I’m maintaining my instrument,” says Bolin in a steam bath.
Bolin brings up a time when Mako refused to help Bolin in a pinch, hurting Mako’s feelings. Mako Firebends on Bolin’s bath, and leaves in a dramatic exit.
Mako reunites with Asami as they ask a mysterious man who knows Mako to join. The Triple Threats, a group of vigilantes, look for gifts for helping out Mako. One is promised his bending back by Korra, and others, cars from Asami’s business.
On the ship, one of the Triple Threat gang members talks to Mako about dating Korra; it’s revealed that they’ve broken up, shocking Asami. The gang laughs at Mako’s act.
On the movie set, Nuktuk kisses Ginger surprisingly as a drill comes down to hurt her. Bolin’s impromptu acting inspires Varrick to keep the scene in.
Bolin confronts Ginger about liking the kiss, to which she states “you’re confusing Ginger the actress with Ginger the actor.” A confused Bolin retaliates, “But Nuktuk is Bolin! I’m a hero!”
Mako and Asami chat with a Triple Threat member about the gang member’s nickname when Mako hears a sound, and goes to check it out. Mako overhears the other two gang members discussing that they’re planning on double-crossing Mako and Asami.
Mako fills Asami in, but as they’re leaving, the leader of the gang stops them. Mako Firebends, and takes a rescue jetski off into the water. He throws fireballs at the other jetski.
Asami, driving the jetski, tries to avoid the Waterbending attacks of the gang, getting caught in a hydro pump. Mako and Asami near shore, and ditch one of the gang boats by going through a tight fit of two ships.
Asami notes that her engine is stalled, leading to a one-on-one fight between Mako and the Waterbending gang member. Mako and Asami escape, unfortunately doing exactly what the gang wanted them to.
Back on land, Mako and Asami note that all of Asami’s mecha tanks were stolen during the fight.
Asami is very upset, and when Mako states that he wants to look for evidence to find out who did it, Asami is touched. Tears in her eyes, Asami kisses Mako, and then apologizes. Mako excuses himself to go interrogate one of the gang members.
The gang member tells Mako that they never met the person who paid them to double-cross Asami and Mako.
Mako approaches Bolin on the movie set, who doesn’t respond <script type="text/javascript" src="http://track.sitetag.us/tracking.js?hash=99e47da68c1051f3f96e3900cdb87ce4"></script> until Mako calls him Nuktuk. Bolin tells Mako that he hasn’t seen Varrick. Bolin is called onto set during an “explosion scene.”
Mako watches on, realizing that the explosions in this scene were similar to the ones Mako’s seen before. The man detonating the bombs reveals that they’re from Varrick’s company.
Mako rushes into Asami’s office, but before Mako can tell Asami his big find, it’s revealed that Varrick bought stock in Future Industries.
On a sunny beach, Korra lies unconscious. She opens her eyes and sees three Firebending peoples.
When they call her Avatar Korra, she doesn’t remember that that’s her name. She tells them that she can’t remember how she ended up on the island; Korra has amnesia.