Letter To Rabindranath Tagore

September 20, 1932


This is early morning 3 o’clock of Tuesday. I enter the fiery

gate at noon. If you can bless the effort, I want it. You have been to

me a true friend because you have been a candid friend often

speaking your thoughts aloud. I had looked forward to a firm opinion

from you one way or the other. But you have refused to criticize.

Though it can now only be during my fast I will yet prize your

criticism, if your heart condemns my action. I am not too proud to

make an open confession of my blunder, whatever the cost of the

confession, if I find myself in error. If your heart approves of the

action I want your blessing. It will sustain me. I hope I have made

myself clear.

My love.


[PS.] 10.30 a.m.

Just as I was handing this to the Superintendent, I got your

loving and magnificent wire. It will sustain me in the midst of the

storm I am about to enter. I am sending you a wire.1

Thank you.