My interests are broadly in topology and algebra. Particularly, I work on problems related to compact group actions on manifolds, equivariant maps, braid groups, knot theory, automorphisms and cohomology of groups and quandles.

Edited Volumes:
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    3. (With Neha Nanda and Manpreet Singh), Knot invariants from derivations of quandles, (2018), preprint.
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    Publications in Conference Proceedings:
    1. (With V.G. Bardakov, K. Gongopadhyay, A.Y. Vesnin and J. Wu), Some problems on knots, braids and automorphism groups (Proceedings of a conference held at Sobolev Institute of Mathematics, Novosibirsk)Siberian Electronic Mathematical Reports 12 (2015), 394--405.
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