Dr. Mahdi Moeini

Habilitation and PhD in Computer Science
                        (Operations Research and Optimization)
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Welcome to my personal page!

My name is Mahdi Moeini. I am holder of a Habilitation and a PhD degree in Computer Science and I do my research activities in the field of Operations Research and Mathematical Optimization. I have some research contributions in these fields; most of them have already been published through journal papers and/or articles in conference proceedings. Here, you can find a list of my published papers.

NEWS: Mr. Daniel Schermer, who did his Master Thesis under my supervision (at the Technische Universität Kaiserslautern, in Germany), received the prize of the best Master Thesis in Germany, in the field of Operations Research, from die Gesellschaft für Operations Research (GOR). Here you can find more information (in German).

My teaching experiences cover a wide range of topics and courses, including: Web Programming (HTML, PHP, Javascript, MySql, etc.), Nonlinear Optimization, Operations Research, Industrial Optimization (mathematical modeling, exact algorithms, and metaheuristics), Graphs and their Applications, Data Analysis, Portfolio Optimization, etc. More details

In October 2014, I started a lecturer/researcher (adjunct) program within the chair of Business Information Systems and Operations Research (BISOR), at the Technische Universität Kaiserslautern, in Germany. Broadly speaking, my current research/teaching programs are focused on "operations research, mathematical optimization, and their applications".

I had several research fellowships:

Since December 2013 until end of September 2014, I was (CNRS) researcher at the Center of Research in Computer Science (CRIL- CNRS), in France. The research program was focused on interactions between "operations research" and "constraint programming"; particularly, in presence of uncertainty and soft constraints.

Since December 2012 until November 2013, I was doing a joint postdoctoral research program at LIA-CERI (University of Avignon), in France. My research program was focused on polyhedral analysis of the Minimum Linear Arrangement Problem (MinLA) and its possible applications in logistics and transportation.

During the period December 2011-
November 2012, I was postdoctoral research associate at the Technical University of Braunschweig, in Germany. As a member of the group "Algorithms" (directed by Prof. Dr. Sandor Fekete), I was doing my research program in collaboration with Prof. Dr. Alexander Kröller and Dr. Christiane Schmidt. I was working on the Set Covering Problem, its extensions, and its applications in solving the General Art Gallery Problems. More precisely, I was involved in a DFG project entitled Kunst! - Exact Algorithms for Art Gallery Variants. Here, you can find more information about this project and the Art Gallery Problems.

I had a research contract with the Laboratory of Industrial Engineering (LGI) of Ecole Centrale de Paris, in France. My contract started in Nov. 2010 and terminated in Nov. 2011. During this period, I was working on a project in the field of Health Care. The project was supported by the National Research Agency (ANR) of France. The project had the objective of improving and optimizing the French system of Emergency Medical Services (EMS), that is called SAMU. During this project and in collaboration with the colleagues, we were working on mathematical models that can be used for locating-relocating the emergency medical vehicles.

Previously, I was researcher and lecturer at the University of Paul Verlaine-Metz (
University of Lorraine), in France. I was doing my research and teaching duties within the department of Computer Science. I was working on non-convex programming and its applications in solving optimization problems that arise from different domains of Science and Engineering.

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