Short Films

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14. Gamanam, By Sudeep Kumar TG




What happens when two creative people meet?
The first one seeks life as a support system for art. The interaction is mirthy and not achieving progress. So the second creates a lie, but because he believes it, the first one finds something true about himself.
Anoohyam (The Unimaginable) a Telugu film with sub-titles marks excellent performance by the actors, cinematographer and music director. A must watch cross-genre entertainer and thriller.

Cast : Krishna Chaithanya Joshi, Devaa Malishetty, Swapna
Dialogues : Devaa
DOP : TeeJee
Editing : Sartaj
Dubbing (female voice) : Rekha Raju
Background Score : SD Abu


Nannu Kshaminchu Mahatmaa

The story is about a police officer caught in a moral dilemma. The short film portrays different view points on a sensitive subject and is a relevant commentary on the social conditions of women in the contemporary times. It does not have the routine, run-of-the-mill themes that you typically see in many shorts these days.

Cast : Krishna Chaithanya Joshi, Uma Rani, Vaidehi, Dinesh
Dialogues: Prabhakar Ellu
Camera: Srinivas Pati
Editing: Chandramouli Miriyala
Dubbing: Sathya Priya, Rekha.
Background score: Suresh Nadiminti



We made Malupu for the Sakshi - Puri Jagannadh short films competition of Feb 2015.. The short film is based on story idea-1 given by Puri Jagannadh. It is directed by Prabhakar Ellu and I am the associate director and producer.
Please note: This is the slightly longer version of the version submitted to the recent Sakshi-Puri Jagannadh Director Hunt competition.

10. Big Project
But still writing on my laptop, has not yet seen the light of the day.


The Upliftment

In the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years. -- Abraham Lincoln.

English short film that delves on the human yearning to do something good for the society. It starts as a conversation between an odd couple, who meet at a very unlikely place - a clothes boutique.The film ends with an unusual twist and carries a powerful message.


Manasa Ne Cheppe Maata Vinamma

The heart has its reasons of which reason knows nothing. -- Blaise Pascal

It's a single character film in which the protagonist is an anchor of a music program on a TV channel. She gets calls from an anonymous person and starts getting impressed by him. The story revolves around the concept of falling in love with a voice as it narrates her thoughts and feelings and ends with her surprising decision making.

Cast : Aakruthi Reddy


Nava Bethalam

There is no good and evil, there is only power and those too weak to seek it. -- J. K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.

This short film is sort of a psychological thriller that runs in 11-12 minutes. Subdued horror and simple narration are its elements. Evil doesn't come with big moustaches in front of burly mansions and a dozen SUVs. Watch this film and enjoy stellar acting by Joshi and Surya, dialogues written by Dr. C. Sharada, and fine background score by Suresh.

Note : Nava Bethalam is available via TeluguOne. It is a re-release I had done a few days back; earlier it was on my account (currently removed it from there). reviewed Nava Bethalam, here is the link ->


Ahana Kalyanam


Katha - Screenplay - Darsakathvam - MH ‎(Appalraju Kadu)‎

Books enrich your life, but don't let books rule your life.

The story is about a couple who are engaged and about to get married. The girl is an economics graduate who constantly reads her subject books and applies that knowledge to every situation. The guy is frustrated. They come across a criminal who robs and kidnaps. When he also eve-teases the girl, the boy can't stand any more and goes to confront him. There they are surprised to know the truth.

The lead actor Krish is an MBA graduate and an aspiring actor, the girl is acted by Nagavalli a junior artiste, the thief by Surya, who is also an upcoming actor in serials and short films. The director MH (yours truly) is played by Venkateswara rao garu, who is an experienced Tollywood character actor.

I wrote the original story in English. Dr. C.Sharada translated the dialogues into Telugu. I did the story-screenplay-camer-producer-director roles for this short film. reviewed this short film, here is the link -->



I never change, I simply become more myself. -- Joyce Carol Oates.
I can be changed by what happens to me. But I refuse to be reduced by it. -- Maya Angelou.

This short film is in English. It was a struggle to get English speaking actresses in Hyderabad at low budget. Finally we settled for Soni Reddy, who is a junior artiste in Telugu films and we dubbed her voice in English. It is based my story, 'Soft Tootsie.' It's partly inspired by Taapsee's true story, but has no resemblance to Taapsee's life.

The heroine is very ambitious who wants to become an onsite project lead within two years of her career. But the boss does not give her the opportunity. So she tries her charm and beauty and gets the onsite project lead opportunity in the second project. She is dejected as she wants to come up in life on knowledge and talent. She decides, "if beauty is what the world wants, I will give it and make a lot of money."


Aatmabhimanam - Idi andariki artham kaaka povachchu

Be yourself, everyone else is already taken. -- Oscar Wilde.

Whom would you want to be if you had the power to do so? This is a story that makes you think about that aspect. Falling in the genre of magical realism, it also makes statements on the state of affairs in our society.

This is a very abstract theme, based on Manjula Padmanabhan's story. The Government of India has a department for transmigration of souls (parakaya pravesham). After death, souls can go to that department and apply for whichever life they want. But the heroine goes to the department when she is alive only, and makes the request.
Dr. C. Sharada of Nizam College, OU wrote the dialogues.

After making the film, I myself felt I did not understand it :). Maybe you would understand, so please watch.



The second short film I wrote and produced is Nirvana. It is based on my story 'The Prevention.' The theme is the discontent coming from seeing the rich becoming richer. The hero listens to a Maoist news item on TV and realizes that just as he dislikes Ambanis for their richness, his own watchman may be disliking him. So he takes a decision.

I like Nirvana very much. Crisply done by director Krishna Chaitanya Joshi. The cast consists of Mahesh Kumar who is a tax consultant at Deloitte and Nadia who is a popular event anchor in Hyderabad.


Parody Video

The first short film that I ever made is a parody video on the The Times of India - The Hindu ads against each other. It is in English. It was a zero-budget film, the cast consisting of my office colleagues and one college student. I did the editing myself on iMovies.