Teleremote Answering Machine & appliance controller system


           The project comprised of a remote answering machine & device control with DTMF decoding & voice message storage. It consists of APR-9600 voice storage IC with playback with different sampling frequencies. Thus user can remotely save his messages or can access different devices with keypad with DTMF decoding implemented at receiver.

              Transmitter section consists of 2 APR-9600 IC as recorded message for user interface & other for storing 8 messages of 10 second each.ATMEGA-16 microcontroller used for accepting decoded DTMF signals by MM8870 DTMF decoder & transmitting them over wireless link with TSOP-1738 for particular device control.


Main Features of project:

     1. Password protection at both transmitter & receiver.

     2. Automatic hook off which facilitates message storage mode.

     3. Device control mode with message playback for user interface.

     4. Wireless device control with enough range & low cost.

     5. Password modification as stored in EEPROM



 Entire Project Report with schematics :  ProjectReport.pdf