Maharashtra Karnataka Border Dispute

A book of this kind on the ongoing Maharashtra Karnataka Border Dispute was very much the need of the hour and hence Adv. Ram Apte deserves congratulations for fulfilling the need. People know that the border-dispute between Karnataka and Maharashtra has been pending for a long time, but not all know the historical background of the dispute, much less its social and legal aspects which have been succinctly and aptly analysed and presented in this slim book.

The Mahajan Commission, appointed to do justice between the parties added insult to the injury by throwing away all norms and principles of justice to the winds and adopting a callous and casual attitude to Maharashtra’s well-documented, well-reasoned and well-presented case giving a distinct impression that its conclusions were pre-conceived and biased.

Mr. Apte has very ably pointed only the glaring errors of commission and omission in the reports of both the SRC and the Mahajan Commission, with the help of the facts and figures and with his incisive reasoning.
From the Foreword by
Justice P.B. Sawant