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Welcome. you have entered this page of Natural Dharma and the Protection of this Planet



"Abandon hope all ye who enter here."

It is said that these lines were written over the Gates of Hell:



      It is a descripive line, direct and prophetic.

But why do we say that? It is because it is clear that we need to write these words over the doors and tents of every place where children, innocent and pure, enter into this world, for this planet, as it is at the moment, is a real inferno.

It is thus well said.


"Abandon hope all ye who enter here."

 This is your Inferno

                       And This

This is how it is with Acid Rain   

Do you begin to recognize your inferno now?

                             Sorry, I forgot that you are not at all to blame.

If you're not part of the solution, you are the problem.

You will never
 escape and will continue trapped within the stained world with your silent suffering and, with this egoism that sees only itself, aiding the destruction of the work of the few who try to save this planet and all creatures in it, for the benefit of all, which includes your own children and family.

We could with the help of many then perhaps, with full cooperation of all, put another motto above those places of birth, declaring:

"This is a Pure Land"

Read on


You may agree...You may vote for the Greens ... but what do you actually do?

  You may believe that you do your part... 

You deal with residuals correctly... you don't abuse wildlife... you don't pollute... at least not much.

You are a good citizen... more or less... But that is not enough

Only if you really understand what is written here in these pages and help in the construction of a Pure Earth will a change be at all possible. Even now it may be already too late.

We speak here of Children, their education and health and of Utopias and of the true nature of the human creature, who can be in balance and harmony with all things.

But if you are too busy to read again, again and once more until you really understand the problems and the solutions and take them to heart, then you will join millions of others who maintain the world as it is. It is you then who will be responsible for this inferno and the suffering.


Every day children are born and suffer the consequences of the dangerous character of the human creature. Where can it encounter true belonging and security in the world? He and she must learn immediately that the earth is a place where one must be prepared to defend him or herself with one hand and conquer with the other.

There is a certain blindness that we have developed which permits most people to grasp nature externally and revere it, but destroy it by the actions of their minds which permit their confusion, greed and aversion. 



It is time that we changed all this although the task seems impossible, for the globalization of the mind that is open to the beauty of nature but blind to the dangers inherent in its destruction is evident. You must do something extra. Ego comprehension is insufficient. Do you really need to ask how you can be an active part of the solution even though you may know with certainty that the cause is already lost.

But really are yuu interested in all this or do you just want to talk about the unexcelled wisdom and beauty of nature?


Probably not, you give it a nod every now and again, and say how horrible it all is but you have your life to lead, your work, your family, your ideas and clearly your own suffering. So someone else must take care of the planet's problem.


Why continue reading this? Curiosity?


You have nothing better you do at the moment?


Think about it. What will you actually do?


 Explore these pages cautiously with a mind that is open and flexible?

Continue with your contaminated mind with the rituals and dogmas 
that have led you to be an integral part of human folly in the first place?


Choose the second and you will return to inferno and your suffering, pulling as much artificial happiness into your life as possible, disregarding the rest of the planet and thereby assuring that your children and their children will find life even more empty of true well being than your own is.


 If you continue with sincerity, then Welcome.


There are five menus available which present the dangers 
and the solutions for this once greener planet 

In the first partition we show the negligent attitude of the human creature towards all living cretures from the most large to the smallest. It is clear that few people are really conscious of he problem, and don't even want to hear. They are part of the problem.

We invite those, who in all truth, wish to combat in an active way, this tragic violation of life principles, to contact us and at the very
least be part of a network of unity, prepared to shout loud and clear for changes in attitudes and law. 


The second menu presents the lamentable attitude towards the children of this world. Children are the only hope that this world has to survive... At the moment we are failing dismally to prepare them for that task. Instead we are creating globalized minds of greed.

In the fourth menu we examine the best of the human Utopias that have been presented and you can decide for yourself which is most appropriate for mankind.


The third speaks of the sad condition of the human mind and how attitudes, intentions and actions are against every natural law and causes such devastation. We examine the consumer world and the generation of confusion, greed and aversion

En el quinto invito a los que quieran combatir el triste opio del pueblo y también las sectas peligrosas. Examinamos para los padres los problemas de las sectas, las soluciones, y también el peligro de las personas de mente limitada, que ven una secta en cada armario si presenta alguna diferencia respecto de las locuras de su propia mente. In the fifth I invite all those who wish to combat the sad "opium of the people," as well as dangerous cults. We examine the problem cults pose for parents, the solutions, and also the danger of people with limited minds, who see a cult in every closet if it appears any different from the folly in their own minds.