The Dharma Declaration of Independence

 in Defence of Planet Earth

 All living things have one commom language which brings them together.
 It is the language of the eternal Dharma and Dao.

 It is not a language of words but of experiences, and through a very deep penetration of the Life Force a complete integration and understanding with every living thing is possible.

The human mind, as a vital tool, has the capacity to divide, sort and name, but when those divisions are taken to be real, the world and all within is divided without regard for the basic oneness of all.

We have invented east and west, north and south. We have invented nations and boundaries and laws beyond those of nature. We have invented black and white and names for every animal and have developed a domination over all things.


In this our life, free of public places, we encounter words in
the trees, books in the brooks that flow, sermons in the
stones and good in all.

 ~William Shakespeare


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