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A presentation by Shan-jiàn

For more years than I care about, yet remember well, I have tried to keep as low a profile as possible presenting the Buddha Dharma which I have gathered from many sources, as early Chinese Masters did, and augmented that knowledge with the academic fruit of great scientific associations which were my roots and models.

The Buddha Dharma of Theravada became the first seeds of the Dharma for me and will never be considered as inferior in any way. In fact, the great teachers Narada Thera and Nayaponika Thera have a permanent place in my understanding.

Nor do I ever reject the great knowledge of Tibetan Buddhism, although I am sad when I see that knowledge falling away under the impact of Identity-influenced masters, the false compassion and benevolent affect which Buddha predicted would be an outcome in these times and the pressures of a very complex world of temptation.

I am grateful to China, where my Chan and Dao understanding took roots from the fertile soil at a time when Chan was held under a bushel, and must pay tribute to Scholars who have revealed the frauds and pitfalls of Chan (and naturally Zen) folly.

But, most of all, my gratitude goes to the ancient Chinese Masters and Scholars who expressed their knowledge in ancient Chinese, not that which resembles wWestern thought patterns.

I have so to speak, stepped out of the Dharma closet and am available for those who truly have questions worthy of the students of the old Masters of Chan of the Golden age. Naturally I will reply to all with compassion, although it must be remembered that my traditon is that of Yunmen.

It is not that I have revived Yunmen, but that Yunmen has flourished within me from the basic mask of my Buddha Nature, which is supported by the teachings and traditions of Fayan, Guiyang and Zongmi.

Of course I only teach Chan Dharma at the level appropriate for the level of the questioner and have little energy these days to waste upon argument or rhetoric for the sake of rhetoric.

At the Seminary I have had the great privilege of being with Ku Xin Shan, our late Vipassana Mistress, all of my adult life and we have been 
available for serious absorption questions in that area, continuing the compassion and benevolence of her way of being and her teachings.

Humbly, I trust with compassion, but accompanied by the sound of my Dharma staff, I wish all a smooth journey in this difficult world of Stained Samsara.

Shan jian   Elder Teacher

Chan Si Lun and Dao

As a teacher one is open to the onslaught of ignorant minds, and though sticks and stones may even break my bones the words of the ignorant cannot sway me.

Many resent my rejection of the new tradition in favor of the old and rail against my rejection of initiations, lineage, and transmission as it is considered by fools. All that I can say is that what I know I transmit, not like a magic elixir which cures all ills, but as a Chan and Dao Dharma expert might treat an apprentice.

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Tiannamen Square, Beijing

  My Dao Chan Teacher

With Ku xin shan