The Perfect Path for the Ordinary man,
      as one with the dusty world, travelling 
   upon the path to Well Being and Harmony 
with all living Creatures and the Environment



For those who are Students upon a Dharma Path leading beyond the 
Traditional Psychological, Philosophical and Religious limits: 



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                        THE SEEDS
              The Life Force and Survival

       The seeds of the Dharma are the essential part
            of the Life Force, which is Survival


We know that we are alive so something is experienced by our consciousness that we can call the Life Force. It is not a magic elixir or spiritual essence. It is a drive to survive. Yes, that is precisely what it is and nothing more. But that force for survival is more elegant than you might suppose. All living creatures possess it, from the simplest plant form to the most complex organism.


In Abhidhamma texts, it is called JIVITINDRIYA, which stems from the Pali words “jivita,” which is life, and “indriya,” which is a controlling faculty or principle. It is this Jivitindriya that infuses life into all volition (cetana).

It is twofold, for it includes material life (Rupa-Jivitindriya) and the mental or psychological concomitants (Nama-Jivitindriya). Clearly they are not independent but work together for, as the Abhidamma declares, “Just as a boatman depends upon the boat, even so Jivitindriya depends upon the mind and matter, and that mind and matter depend upon Jivitindriya.”


                        THE ROOTS
               The Source of Suffering
    The Roots are the teachings of the
Awakened men and women of the past with
regard to the Causes of Human Suffering found
   within Identity, Duality, and Sexual Desire.

    In Construction: May be used, but is not complete


Now you cannot understand COMPASSION fully if you do not understand what SUFFERING is.

Everyone at some time or other has suffered, so it would appear that SUFFERING would need no definition. Actually that is not so. Because although almost everyone has suffered, there is very much suffering that is submerged within the unconscious or dealt with inefficiently by Cognitive Dissonance.

Because most SUFFERING is generally intense and often unbearable, people define SUFFERING in terms of the extreme unpleasant experiences which they have. Most people do not understand SUFFERING in depth because they have not allowed themselves the luxury of true introspection, which looks at ALL the SUFFERING which exists within them.

They are much more aware of the STRESS which accompanies SUFFERING.

The important question, however, is why the human creature SUFFERS at all.


                                           THE TRUNK
                           Determining Objectives 
          This is the Trunk of Inner Dharma Knowledge that
                   supports the Natural Dharma Path

                       In Construction: Ready in a couple of days 

Understanding that there exists a natural Life Force that promotes the Survival of each species and thus the diversity of life, we can look at the human creature in a different light in which individual Identity Survival has blanketed the Natural force to the detriment of all that is natural. 

This illusion of individual Identity, balanced by a greater unconscious truth, may well have been thousands of years ago a biological advantage, but like the human’s residual tail, it should have disappeared long ago.

We are then left with Suffering, Identity, and Duality with its accompanying Craving and Clinging. 

The question is, do we have choices that can return the human creature his evolutionary birthright? The answer is that we do have choices. But will the human creature involved in a world of tainted and globalized mind make the correct choices before it is too late?

It is improbable, but there still can be changes made by the apparent individual which, if there is within him or her a stilled and calm mind, patience, determination, perseverance and a very clear and uncontaminated introspection with free criical inquiry -a "coming home" to being a true human creature and not an enslaved conditioned robot.



                                          THE BRANCHES 
                           Meditation and Mindfulness

The Branches are those of these Two Great Disciplines
that are free from the stains of the debilitating Influences
of the folly of Identity, Tradition, State, Education or Religion.


                      THE LEAVES
               Factors of Awakening        


                       THE FLOWERS 

  They generate the carriers of the Dharma message which is Truth of the Dharma Fruit.