Essential Mundane Homeostasis

Frequently the "normal" person will experience an apparent internal "Jimminy Cricket" voice, which is intrusive and sometimes a nuisance, correcting what you have done or are not doing rightly. In the religious sense this is considered as a conscience.

It is considered useful morally by religions, but in the Dharma it has no utility at all, as it is only the conditioned voice of one or more Identities.

What can appear, however, is the true voice of Mundane Homeostasis.

This is a natural experience letting the system know, through your consciousness, that Rexin (zeal) is not operating correctly.

This means that the Masculine Principle Expressions of the Feminine Program of correct survival are being blanketed by one form or other of Identity and that Cognition is in control. These signals do not provide details of the error. They simply disclose that within your attitudes, intentions and readiness to respond there are components that are not consistent with correct Life Force operation.

It is an error by way of Cognitive Reason or Intuition to discover a precise problem. In fact any cognitive attempts to correct anything, except by way of the Eightfold Path gradual refraining methods, are ineffective and counterproductive.


The first and most important solution is the renovation of the effectiveness of Rexin, which can be learnt about in later lessons. 

The second effective manner of renovation is probably the path of Generosity, which is also explained in later lessons.

This part of the teaching is a little advanced.

It has been mentioned that there is a voice of conscience which is conditioned by the Identities. This has been a result of the indoctrination of the social system. We have seen that the natural mundane homeostasis arises from the fault of the internal communication between the Masculine Principle and Cognition. That is because every attitude, every intention and every readiness to respond that has been generated by Cognition as a result of error is never sent to the Comparator of Masculine Principle which possesses the important experiences manifested by the Feminine Principle.

If the mundane cognitive complaints of Cognition are eliminated we must listen very carefully to the inner voice of Rexin (Zeal) that finds that the true natural Compassion, the natural Gladness, the natural Affect and the natural Equanimity are absent. 

Giving an example of this, when Cognition is working it requires that attitudes relevant to the stimulus are sent to various applications to bring about some solution. When one of these attitudes is really formed then the information is sent to the Comparator that compares the quality of information that is relevant for survival.

If the Comparator is not tacit for approval then the attitude returns to Cognition to have a correct attempt. The same process occurs with intentions or the readiness to respond. Perfection is not always achieved but if a best fit is obtained then the intention or the readiness is accepted and converted in action. 

However, in the normal case the Identity master and the Identity systems have blanketed any communication between the Masculine Principle and Cognition, so it is Cognition which holds sway. As a consequence in the daily life the attitudes, intentions and actions are found unacceptable for the social system or the personal beliefs and there is a criticism, which is only based upon social conscience. Naturally there are these criticisms, when an individual internally is being conditioned with an impression of culpability there are no possible results to arise from any of these systems. 

Natural mundane homeostasis is a most simple operation in which the Masculine Principle Comparator fails to integrate these in use and sends a message to Consciousness saying: "What in hell is going on?"

It is then the task to reinitiate a vehicle of Rexin which is elicited for the natural system of Generosity, which is clearly developed by Shantideva.

This inner voice of Homeostasis is not cognitive, it comes from the Rexin and it is not formed in words and phrases but arises as cognitive experiences.