In a world that is increasingly difficult to live in, men and women are being carried away on the raging river of behavioural folly which gradually is changing their natural way of reacting and may even in the future change their nature, so that the potentially noble human characteristics which are hidden beneath present comportment can never be recovered.

The main thrust of these pages is the Chan Liberation, but while I have been teaching this for almost forty years now, I see that where good old Avalokiteshvara roamed, where people are suffering daily, the higher Chan does not solve their daily problems unless they are dedicated to great change, and certainly when there is true internal crisis in response to a globalized world where daily survival is not easy there is a need for a down-to-earth reconstruction of one's way of living.

It is easy to speak about ten ways to reconstruct your life. But the ordinary man and woman in the street is pressured with debt beyond his control, family problems, problems in the workplace... Each is feeling that the throat and guts are being grabbed and that there is "sinking" below the river which seems only to lead away from the original quiet stream that each thought he or she was bathing in as a young person entering the "real world."

So here I will now deal with the daily problems, without giving sanctimonious sermons with religious or righteous overtones. I will deal with the following here, not as a Chan and Dao teacher, but as trained and experienced psychologist and biologist in the United States with perhaps the finest masters available:

Daily Problems:  Work and unemployment


                       Responsibilities: Children and Family

                       Growing Older

Crisis:             Identity Crisis




                       Stress and Tension

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