Welcome to the 8th Biennial MaGrann Conference!

Land Fictions: The Commodification of Land in City and Country

May 12, 2015

Special Event Forum, 33 Livingston Avenue, New Brunswick, NJ
Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy

Hosted by Department of Geography, Rutgers University

Download conference flyer here.

The 8th MaGrann Conference seeks to respond to and analyze the mounting market pressures on both urban and rural land use, as well as the associated processes of dispossession such pressures precipitate. The conference brings together leading researchers in the study of rural and urban land development to explore the geography and politics of land commodification from a comparative perspective. In doing so, the conference insists that urban and rural processes of dispossession are increasingly interlinked, and that understanding land commodification, or what Polanyi called "the weirdest of all undertakings," requires crossing the rural-urban boundary to both bring the agrarian question to town and the urban question to the countryside. A full conference description can be found at the link above.

The MaGrann Conference was inaugurated in 2003 as an annual or biennial meeting organized by the Department of Geography at Rutgers University around a pressing global environment or development theme. Accepted presenters represent various disciplines in the social sciences, humanities and physical sciences and are drawn from Rutgers University as well as from institutions around the world. Past themes have included: First World Political Ecology, Third World Environmental Justice, The Caribbean at Risk, Breaking the Ice: Theorizing the Arctic Thaw, The Future of Disasters, Land-Use Transitions in the Tropics, among others.