Localization Project

Get Paid Android Apps For Free!

We are currently looking to provide translations of our Android Applications into every localization supported by the Android platform.  If you fluently speak one of the languages listed below and translate one of our applications into that language, then you get it for free!

If you decide to provide a translation, we ask the following of you:
  • Provide an initial translation of the files
  • Re-translate them when changes/updates are made
In return, we will do the following:
  • Give credit to you in the app for translation
  • Provide the app free of charge (currently through a custom build tied to your email address)
  • Provide free updates for the life of the app

The process is simple:
  1. Choose app(s) and language(s) to translate
  2. Email to magouyaware@gmail.com
  3. We send the file(s) in English
  4. Translate the file(s) and email them back
  5. Wait for confirmation email that the translation has been accepted
  6. We send a custom build of the app with all paid features unlocked

Localization Chart