1914: Edendale Commune

**These are field notes, please do not cite./  Estos son apuntes de campo, favor de no citar.**

  • In 11/14/1914 (Regeneración #202), the magonistas established a commune at Edendale, in northeast Los Angeles.  Here Ricardo, Enrique, Maria Brousse, Lucía Norman, Rivera, and possibly seven others lived on a five-and-a-half-acre farm, growing vegetables, tending fruit trees, and issuing Regeneracion whenever possible.  2325 Ivanhoe Aveclose to Fargo St.
  • On 18 February 1916 an indictment was returned in the federal court at Los Angeles charging the editors of Regeneración—Ricardo Flores Magón, Enrique Flores Magón, and William C. Owen—with violation of section 211 of the penal code of 1910, that is, the crime of depositing indecent matter in the U.S. mails.  Immediately arrested, they were brought to trial in June of that year. Enrique is beaten badly and taken to the hospital.
  • Ricardo and Enrique, unable to post bond, remained in jail most of the first half of 1916.  Ricardo was hospitalized in May for stomach ailments.
  • 05/21/1916 Trial of Ricardo and Enrique.  Perhaps because of his health, Ricardo received a sentence of only one year and one day, while Enrique received a three-year sentence at McNeil Island.  Appeals got the brothers released on bail, and Ricardo did not begin to serve this term until it was added to his final sentence.
  • 06/26/1916 RFM released on bail.  Bail raised by Emma Goldman and Berkman.
  • 07/01/1916 EFM released on bail.
  • The second half of 1916 saw the commune functioning again and, late in the year, Ricardo finishing Land and Liberty, a revolutionary drama.  It was performed in December with a cast of more than fifty, many of them liberal activists [where?].  Flores Magón, ill again, missed the performance.
  • 06/1917 (maybe some other date) EFM separated from Regeneración because of family squabble.
  • During 1917 personality conflicts and the constant pressures of the struggle reduced the population at the commune to Ricardo, Rivera, María, and Lucía…
  • 03/16/1918 Last issue of Regeneración with a manifesto to the “Anarchists of the World and the Workers in General.”
  • On March 21, 1918, Ricardo and Librado Rivera were arrested for violating the Espionage Act of June 15, 1917, as well as the Postal Laws and Regulations of 1913… (Albro) are arrested for the 03/16/1918 Manifesto.  22 March 1918 (Raat)
  • 05/16/1918 Enrique Flores Magón looses appeal, and enters the federal penitentiary at Leavenworth in because of 1916 charges.
  • 06/13/1918 Maria Talavera and others are arrested.
  • [R] Flores Magón and Rivera were brought to trial on July 15, 1918
  • on July 17, 1918, a jury found Flores Magón and Rivera on all counts.