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About Vaccinius

Updated Aug 22th 2019 at 09:04
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My name is Anders Woje Ellingsen, and aI am the Son of Man. Ai am Norwegian. The name Vaccinius was given me by the Lord, that is Jesus Christ, some few years after the change of the millennium, when aI asked the good Lord to give me a name below His. Ai am a private person.

Jesus Christ was and is the Son of Man. As as Jesus became the Father to Christian peoples, to Christian congregations, the Son of Jesus had to be expected, justifying Jesus.

Ai have been subjected to illegal surveillance, serious injury to the body and destruction of my apartment since 1997, by pack, growing. Trixnix is the culmination of my creating efforts on internet. Trixnix.com was released 14th of September 2015, and it was intensively built upon for three years after that. Originally, Trixnix was the walls alone, built from collections of poetry aI earlier had posted on Blogger.

At one point, aI was, by Satan "interrupting", as Satan calls it, forced to move my creations from Magnimix.com, by which aI made Prixnix.com. The first presentations of other people's creations on Magnimix.com were picked by myself, not presented to me.

Ai use Google to present Trixnix. What by Google is presented on internet for to make web pages is overwhelming, speaking of love.

For twentytwo years after 1997, aI was, by Satan, denied to show love everywhere, other than on internet. Writing this, in late April 2019, aI have received no words of confirmation on my work. Ai do, though, receive encouragement by hints and moods of radio hosts and singing artists in radio and on Spotify, and from broken ones aI occasionally meet, and from children, in my neighbourhood, especially, and aI have met with and spoken to the Turkish lion several times over a few days, in a manner of shared assumption, in a life threatening situation. He speaks excellent Norwegian.

In Norwegian, the name Vaksinius is a registered trademark, by me, officially from February 2011. The name Vaccinius is another spelling, which aI use to reach foreign people, and, aI believe, by which aI am more known.

Ai have two Google accounts, which are

| poet.on.view@gmail.com | - by which Trixnix is made
| vacciemail@gmail.com | - by which aI release myself from the work called Trixnix

Also, aI have paid for a service on Google called G Suite, and this service aI have yet not explored. My intention is to make it the control center of Trixnix. Ai have made an email address on that service which right now is dead, and that is

| vaccinius@trixnix.com |

More extensively, aI have presented myself, formally, at:

[ Posted on flickr.prixnix.com ]