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About Magnimix



This is Paradise ©

Short address: | magnimix.com |

Ai have left Magnimix. Magnimix is history for my part. Ai am far gone, no more able to do constructive work. Magnimix will though get new life by treasures carried into it. And aI will be the one seeing to it.

Ai welcome jewelry from all over the world. In this fall that jewelry must be a web page which aI can link to by a short presentation in one of the neighbourhoods of Magnimix. To be noted, the art of the web page should be special, an artifact of culture, making proud, and the creator ought to believe in Christ.

Ai have gathered most of my creation, once found on Magnimix, and presented it elsewhere, as victory. Kindly go to Prixnix.com, also called: