Magnetic Power Generator

History of the Magnetic Power Generator:

Isaac Newton played with the Magnetic Power Generator idea in the late 1600s. Since then, many Scientist including Albert Einstein have looked at the concept of using Magnetic Power Generators as an alternative power source. Magnets when placed correctly show potential of an alternative power source by the positive and negative rules of attraction and repulsion. The problem has always been friction, the loss of power to friction plus the power required to generate the magnetic field resulted in more energy going in than the energy coming out.

The First Built Magnetic Power Generator:

In 1977 the concept of magnets being used as an alternative power source was moved from theory into a working machine built by Bruce De Palma called the N-Machine (see photo) also known as the magnetic power generator. Generators and electric motors where starting to use modern technology of the time and becoming more efficient. In 1977 De Palma submitted detailed testing results of the N-machine magnetic power generator to the scientific world, revealing an output of 5 electrical power units requiring 1 power unit of input. Subsequent testing and duplicate models of similar magnetic power generators failed to prove or disprove De Palma results, but even so these duplicated magnetic power generators produced an output of 2 electrical power units requiring 1 power unit of input, thus proving the theory but not confirming the results.

De Palma main area of study was Natural Energy Science, not commercial business; he had proven the point that it was possible to achieve an alternative power source by building the N-Machine magnetic power generator a device that had the ability to output more energy than the required input energy to run it. De Palma carried on in many other areas of science, much of his research conflicted with known science theories which sparked a lot of raised eyebrows and criticism from his peers, but in the end, he was highly respected in the science community and passed away in 1997.

For more information on  Bruce De Palma his life work follow this link.

Magnetic Power Generator - Does Really it Work?

The following links to a collection of videos demonstrating the basic principle of the Magnet Generating Motion and a few simple machines that demonstrates Magnetic Power Generator or Motors (also known as Perpetual Motion Magnets) do work.

To view these videos go to this link Magnetic Power Generator Videos.

Developments in the Magnetic Power Generator:

In 1991 two inventors Ludwig Brits and Victor Christie got together and started more exploration into the N-Machine
magnetic power generator the device invented and built by Bruce De Palmer in 1977. Following the basic design using modern technology they developed and created their own magnetic power generator.  By 1995 they had fine tuned the prototype and announced to the world the Magnetic Power Generator System (see the Sky TV International News Clip). The purpose of going public was to generate funds of further Research and Development and enter the manufacture stage to sell the magnetic power generator to the general public. This backfired resulting in a lot of public criticism and attempts to discredit them both.

These critics were against Ludwig and Victor and their hair brain idea. However they conveniently over looked the facts that the magnetic power generator had already been built and proven to work by De Palma, other scientist groups and certified results from engineers. Ludwig and Victor had simply taken an old idea of the magnetic power generator and applied modern technology to make it operate more efficiently. Both men were subject to being publicly called quacks and scam artists they were also ostracized by the News Media, Research Institutes and Universities, who made it very clear any employee found to be testing the magnetic power generator would soon be unemployed. Both men and the magnetic powered generator have been investigated by the legal authorities and no charges of fraud or any other breaking of the law has ever been determined. Engineers who have viewed the magnetic power generator system before and after the public release have not withdrawn their statements and still certify the claims of the magnetic power generator output results.
The looming question is if a Magnetic Power Generator exists that produces free electricity why would anyone want to keep it a secret? We have all heard the stories of great inventions that have been quickly discredited; some are based on facts and some on fiction, regardless of this all rumors have some foundational truth. Does other life exist in the universe? Thirty years ago it was a foregone conclusion it does not, but each day the Hubble Telescope is finding new planets and this is rapidly increasing the possibility that other life forms must exist.

Follow this link to see two International Broadcast Stories on the Magnetic Power Generator N-Machine.

Critics of the Magnetic Power Generator:

Back to Ludwig and Victor and the Magnetic Power Generator, having gone public criticism disputing the idea of an alternative power source from magnet power was to be expected and constructive criticism is a good thing. Human nature also works against new ideas and change, people are quick to criticize and rarely compliment and find it hard to admit when they are wrong. Unfortunately many comments posted on the internet are by people not doing any research, these are the living room scientists that tend that talk before thinking. However there are some professional people making good comments who refuted the concept using traditional rules of physics and their conclusions are correct up to a point. These comments focus on either the components of the magnetic power generator or the use of magnets as an alternative power source and not the entire system as whole. This was the same problem that De Palma had in proving that the magnetic power generator worked.

How the Magnetic Power Generator Works:

The Magnetic Power Generator System uses three parts of the laws of physics and synchronizes these to operate together inside a single unit:
  • The Pulsed DC Motor - A Direct Current (DC) pulse causes a magnetic effect in a coil so that the temporary
    polarization of the coils inside the laminated steel core has the effect of repulsing the magnetically aligned permanent magnet embedded in the rotor so causing it to rotate, same operating principle of a DC electric motor.
  • The AC Generator - uses the same coils as used for the DC motor the rotor containing the permanent magnets is rotated past the stator coils by the motor, at which time induction occurs in the stator coils producing an alternating current (AC) output.
  • The key is to combine these 2 functions together inside one unit using the same components but keeping two separated electric currents AC and DC. This is done by controlling the precise timing of input and output voltages, so to allow the separation of the currents within the same space, this system uses shared components while retaining their original individual effects of input current DC and output current AC.
De Palma did not have the luxury of modern day micro-electronics nor the computing power available today so his N-machine magnetic power generator was still in two basic pieces, the electric motor DC and the electric generator AC; even so his N-Machine did work.

Perpetual Energy:

Perpetual Energy is a term that does not go well with western Nations; most people have been programmed that no such thing can be obtained. Nothing in life is free; there is a cost to everything including the Perpetual Energy Magnetic Power Generator. It still costs money and Carbon Dioxide gases to produce the materials making the magnetic power generator. The real value is in efficiency, if our homes where located on top of a gas deposit we would simply tap into it and run our home and car  from that source, our home and daily life would still exhaust the volume of daily Carbon Gases but the consumption of energy would be greatly reduced. The difference and efficiency is in the delivery system, today energy is delivered from the supplier to the consumer, 95% or more of the cost of gasoline or electricity is in the delivering process to the home or service station, not to mention groceries and everything else that a home purchases. The magnetic power generator removes the delivery chain by placing an alternative power source in the home; efficiency.

To View Other "Perpetual Machines" follow this link.

Is the Magnetic Power Generator and N-Machine a Perpetual Energy device? It depends on how you define Perpetual Energy, the broad term is more energy produced to the amount consumed but today science is still trying to define this. In the big picture the Magnetic Power Generator certainly is efficient by eliminating the delivery chain of an energy supply and . How you define Perpetual Energy is up to you to decide.
it uses Direct Current (DC) input electricity to an amplified output Alternating Current (AC).

New Science Developments:

Science does change; Fractal-Based-Mathematics turned the world of mathematics upside down. Stephen Hawking the theory of Quantum Gravity. Albert Einstein the Theory of Light and Cracking the Atom. All were considered to be eccentric scientists by their peers, but today are considered genius in their field. Are Ludwig and Victor the same? No their magnetic power generator comes from Bruce De Palma who will perhaps one day be recognized for his life-long work.

Is the Magnetic Power Generator worth pursuing? De Palma N-Machine test results were 1 unit of power input to 5 units of power output. The small Magnetic Generator of today test results are 1 unit of power input to 2.3 units of power output. In summary it does consume 1 energy unit and returns 2.3 energy units.
Open minds try new ideas and discover new things, closed minds follow the herd of sheep. For the same price as a $50.00 evening dinner in a restaurant you can purchase the Magnetic Power Generator before it begins selling or leasing to the general public.
The four main benefits you will receive are:
  • A working system will save you cash every month that normally is paid to an electricity provider.
  • The reduction of Carbon Dioxide from your home is the equivalent of taking 9,000 cars off the highway.
  • The Magnetic Power Generator system provides a 100% guarantee that the Magnetic Power Generator will work, if not you will get a 100% refund no questions asked.
  • The best part is everything purchased to install the Magnetic Power Generator System including specialized labor is a 100% deduction on your income tax. 
  • Plus Free Bonus books on conservation of energy.
In summary you save at least $200 per month in cash, get all your money back from the Government for installing the Magnetic Power Generator System and it is guaranteed to work. That is low risk for one weekend of your time to build a Magnetic Power Generator System. Follow the below link to choose 1 of the 2 PROVEN Magnetic Generators on the Market today.