Magnetic Field Shielding Materials


Magnetic Field Shielding Materials

ELF EMF magnetic field radiation penetrates through all conventional metals including tin, aluminum, copper, steel, lead, etc. RiderSaver™ shielding provides exceptional attenuation (degree of shielding) for unique and irregular electromagnetic phenomena induced from either current or voltage. RiderSaver™ shielding is corrode-free, can be cut and is bendable and pliable to accommodate intricate motorcycle seat internal base pans. RiderSaver™ shielding has a peel off layer for a stick-down side to further enhance installation onto seat pans.

The outstanding magnetic field attenuation results from a unique heating/cooling process within a hydrogen reactive atmosphere. RiderSaver™ shielding is hydrogen annealed and isotropic meaning that it is ideal for attenuating EMF magnetic fields of varying orientation generated from either AC or DC electrical systems. Randall Dale Chipkar developed RiderSaver™ ELF EMF motorcycle seat shielding for those riders who recognize the concern.

Please visit the magnetic field radiation - motorcycle seat YouTube videos.

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