Comp Sci 1-2 Honors

Welcome to Computer Science 1-2 Honors, a first or second year course in the Center for Computer Studies Magnet Program.

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This class is an accelerated course of study for students who have previous experience using computers or for students with a high interest in using computers or having a career that involves computers. Students develop computer skills in areas such as word processing, computer graphic design, spreadsheets, uses of the Internet, and analyzing data. Students also experience and introduction to problem solving and programming. Projects are included that allow students to work individually and in groups. Computer ethics and responsibility are emphasized. The course is available for dual enrollment community college credit.

Students will benefit from taking this course by being prepared for further successful computer studies courses and for using a computer as a tool after high school. Students will become proficient at learning and using organizational and team management skills. They will realize the advantages of computer technology in education and the workplace, and prepare them for further study in computer science or engineering.

 First Semester   
 Second Semester
 Unit 1: Chapter 1 - The Internet
 Unit 1: Intro to Programming
 Unit 1: Chapter 2 - Inventing the Internet
 Unit 2: Structured Programming
 Unit 3: AzCIS and Computer Hardware
 Unit 3: Interactive Programming
 Unit 2: Chapter 1 - Digital Information Unit 4: Advanced Programming
 Unit 2: Chapter 2 - Digital Information Unit 5: Games and Problem Solving
 Unit 5: Digital Portfolio   Unit 6: Robotics Programming
 Unit 6: Web Design and Development  

Comp Sci 1-2 Overview 2016

Classroom Procedures CS1-2H 2016