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Teaching Comprehension & Stories

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Audite Activities ("language lab" activities keyed to Cambridge Latin Course)

Latin Stories

A cautionary note: I wrote many of the stories below before I had taken a graduate
level Latin composition course. Oh, how my understanding of the language changed! Since then, I have noticed numerous errors in some of the stories but have not had time to correct them. However, the stories targeted to grammar points, which I use frequently, have been revised.

Classics Childrens' Tales

Alice in Wonderland
Gulliver's Travels

Stories Targeted to a Grammar Point

Inscriptions: The Dative Case in Action
Neuter Nouns (Monsters & Rocks)
Polyphemus & the Volcano (to be shown with OLC Ch 10)
Present Participles (When Serpents Search for Love)
Question Words (The Three Bears)

Stories for "Conversational" Vocabulary

Canis Laetus Est: Opposites in Latin (by student E. Richardson)
Itinera Vaccae: The Journeys of a Cow in Easy Latin

Stories by Students 

Vita Quattuor Liberorum (A. Morrison)
Canis Laetus Est (E. Richardson)