Latin III
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Online Activities

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Many activities need a username ( and password (obtain from Magister Webb).

General Activities
Audite Activities
Make your own crossword puzzle or various other puzzles

Stages 33-34                                                         
Vocabulary: Matching & Concentration Stage XXXIII, XXXIV
Vocabulary: Principal Parts            
Grammar: The Future Tense Chant
Grammar: Identifying and Translating Future/Future Perfect I, II
Grammar: sum and possum in the Future/Future Perfect I, II
Grammar: Conjugating Future/Future Perfect Tense
Grammar: Making Future Tense
Grammar: All About Future Perfect and Future Conditions
Grammar: Infinitives I, II
Storyline: Readings Review - ultio Epaphroditi
Culture: Roman Entertainment Terms

Stages 35-36
Vocabulary: Matching & Concentration Stage XXXV, XXXVI
Vocabulary: Principal Parts            
Grammar: Indirect Statement Facts and Translations
Grammar: Making Indirect Statements
Grammar: Identify Conjugations of Present Subjunctive Verbs
Grammar: Identifying Present Subjunctive
Grammar: Matching Pronouns to Present Subjunctive Verbs
Grammar: Distinguishing Among Subjunctive Tenses: DO MULTIPLE TIMES -- I, II
Grammar: Sequence of Tenses & Translating Subjunctive Sentences
Storyline: Readings Review - vita rustica
Culture: Letter-Writing Terms

Stages 37-38
Vocabulary: Matching & Concentration Stage XXXVII, XXXVIII
Vocabulary: Principal Parts            
Grammar: Sorting Infinitives I, II, III
Grammar: Translating Infinitives
Grammar: Making Infinitives
Grammar: Indirect Statement Time Relationships
Grammar: Translating Indirect Statements into Latin I, II, III, IV
Grammar: Identifying Subjunctive Tenses I, II, III
Grammar: Subjunctive Time Relationships
Grammar: Making Subjunctives
Grammar: Translating Indirect Statements and Subjunctives
Culture: Marriage

Stages 39-40
Vocabulary: Matching & Concentration Stage XXXIX, XL
Vocabulary: Principal Parts            
Grammar: Facts about Gerunds and Gerundives
Grammar: Translating Gerunds and Gerundives
Grammar: Identifying Types of Infinitives
Grammar: Translating Indirect Statements into Latin
Grammar: Translating Indirect Statements into English

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Cambridge School Classics Project

Read and translate the book's stories, play vocabulary and grammar games, and more -- all here (Stages 33-34) and here (Stages 35-40). These activities need a username ( and password (obtain from Magister Webb).

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Various Other Activities

Medieval Latin Exercises

Language Links & Resources

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Culture Links & Resources


Links to help you explore the culture presented in the book can be found here (Stages 33-34) and here (Stages 35-40) - click on the desired stage and scroll down to see the cultural links. Access to these links requires a username ( and password (obtain from Magister Webb).


Collaborative Projects

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