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Teaching Culture, History,
   and Mythology

Teaching Latin Literature

Teaching with Stories

Teaching Word Building

Textbook Specific Resources


Textbook Specific Resources

Cambridge Latin Course


Test Reviews


Authentic Readings (in some cases, gently adapted)
Projects: Unit I, Unit II, Unit III

Derivatives and Phrases

Word of the Day PowerPoint (Unit I, Unit II)
Phrase of the Day PowerPoint (Unit I, Unit II)

Games, Worksheets, etc

Unit I
Unit II

Grammar Reference 

Mnemonic Devices (prior to Stage 17 / after Stage 17)
Note-Taking Guides


Dic Latine Method (Unit I) [for explanation: "Kick English to the Curb"]
    Pictures and Read-Aloud Cards
    Strips, Pronouns, Conjunctions, etc
    Read-Aloud Templates
    Reference Sheets

TPR/TPRS Adaptation (Unit II) [for explanation: "Audite, Movete, Discite"]
    Stories & Actions
    Grammar Manipulations

Repetitive Vocabulary-in-Stages (Unit III)

Vocabulary Review Worksheets

Web Activities

Unit I
Unit II
Unit III

Oxford Latin Course 

Derivatives and Phrases

Words of the Day
Phrases of the Day

Grammar Reference 

Study Guides
Summary of OLC Grammar


Crossword Puzzles
Major Vocabulary Words

Pictures (currently Chs 1-2 only)

Web Activities

Mind-Freshening Exercises:   
     Summer Break 
     Winter Break IA and IB
Webb's Web Activities
     Chapters 1-12 
Other Web Activities
     Quizzes (CNR)