domus Magistri Parsoni



It is my pleasure to be the Latin teacher at Glendale High. It is my priviledge to you that Latin is fun, useful and relevant.  Whether you are preparing for a career in law, science, math, history, art, letters, music, education, business, or just looking to ace your SAT's while you decide where your future may lie, Latin is here for you. As am I. I invite you to challenge your intellect, your patience, and your preconceptions of what Latin can be for you. Also, I urge you to take responsibility for your studies by:

  • going above and beyond the call of duty,
  • coming to daily lunch-time study workshops when you need a tune-up,
  • and checking the class website frequently. (INTRA!)

Nē tē quaesīverīs extrā (Seek yourself not on the outside). Ralph Waldo Emerson began his revolutionary essay "Self Reliance" with these immortal words and they have never been more applicable. In the classroom, as in the boardroom, you must be able to look within for the answers. Build strength by eating healthfully, reading often, studying more often, and spending the rest of your time with loved ones. Now is the time to pour all your energy into your future. Now is the time to invest in the greatest asset you will ever own: your mind. Don't just seize the day, but CARPE DIEM! If you don't know the difference yet, stick with me and you will.

cūrā ut valeās,

Magister Parsons


"quō usque tandem abūtēre, Catalīna, patientiā nostrā?" (Cicero, In Catalinam I.1)