Call the Massachusetts Legislature!

    URGENT: It's getting down to the wire, and the Gift Ban's fate will be decided any day now! Please take action today!
    Let our government know that the medical profession puts patient care before company meals and gifts.

    The House budget this year contains an unprecedented full repeal of our state's Gift Ban. Unfortunately, Governor Patrick and Speaker DeLeo have both indicated that they support repeal, making your voice vital. A local news story reveals what's at stake--one popular gift before the gift ban was a $50 chocolate shoe designed to get salespeople's "foot in the door." No patient should have to pay more for health care because of such extravagant gifts.

    Your advocacy this today is crucial to preventing the elimination or substantial weakening of the Gift Ban. Call House Speaker DeLeo and Senate President Murray today and voice your opposition to the weakening of our state’s Gift Ban. Possible talking points are included below.

    Speaker DeLeo
    Call: 617-722-2500

    The Honorable Robert DeLeo    
    Representative of the 19th Suffolk District
    Speaker of the House of Representatives

    Speaker DeLeo is on the record as supporting the repeal of the Gift Ban.
    Let him know that current and future doctors in MA disagree!
    Senate President Murray
    Call: 617-722-1500

    The Honorable Therese Murray
    Plymouth and Barnstable District
    President of the Senate

    Senator Murray has been supportive of our state's Gift Ban.
    Let her know that that current and future doctors in MA are with her!