Frisco-Prodigy's Law of Identity

Frisco is our darling miniature poodle.  A miniature poodle is a poodle measuring over 10 inches and not exceeding 15 inches.  At 14 and 1/2 inches Skitto is perfect!  He is a wonderful nice dark shade of gray known as blue, has a fabulous thick crisp coat, great action front and back, long legs, long neck, and a beautiful head.  Frisco also has one of the most delightful temperaments of any small dog I've been around.  He's quiet the character!  He 'fusses' at us when he wants something, goes ballistic over fetch, and occasionally contorts himself into a pretzel during grooming!  He also gives hugs, typically very well behaved on the table, and is friendly to everyone he meets!

Prodigy's Law of Identity-Frisco