About us

Our Kennel Name:
    Magic Hour is the last hour before the sun dips below the horizon.  The hour when all is covered by a surreal glow.  The term holds special significance for my husband and I.  Brandon and I met the second day I was on campus at Eastern Kentucky University and have been inseparable since.  During the first week of our friendship/courtship he and I were strolling across campus when Brandon stopped, gazed at me with a smile, tucked his arm over my shoulders and commented on the beauty of the magic hour.  The sky was a soft gold, purple and blue on that warm August night.  We felt it fitting to christen our endeavor Magic Hour as an homage to our beginnings.
My Philosophy:
    I wish to produce healthy, beautiful, intelligent, family and show companions.   I test my breeding stock for known genetic diseases that are prevalent within poodles.  I breed only dogs that are sound in mind and body.  A dog who is conformationally correct, and thus beautiful, is structured correctly to allow for comfortable smooth movement during many activities.  Dogs who are structured incorrectly,  (i.e. upright shoulder, crooked legs, insufficiently angled, flat feet), suffer from those flaws.  Dogs with those conformation deficiencies tend to go lame during athletic endeavors, the more extreme the imperfection the more likely the dog is to experience problems.  Poodles with softer coats can't repel dirt or weeds as efficiently and tend to mat more readily.  This isn't to say that poodles with an upright shoulder, soft coat, or any other small deficiency cannot be a fabulous family pet.  After all, no dog is perfect.  What it does mean is that reputable breeders strive to produce dogs who have all the correct features for the breed so that the dog can lead as productive and happy an existence as possible.  I am striving to produce animals with fabulous outgoing temperaments, structurally correct bodies, free of known genetic flaws-to live long fulfilling lives with their people!