Brown Litter born Sept. 22nd, 2018! A few lovely girls available!

Scroll down for our *Puppy Application* and more information. 
Email the completed questionnaire to to begin the process of securing your special puppy!  We have plans to breed both Ella and Crusher this year!  We are very excited about both upcoming litters! All Magic Hour Puppies are started using the Bio-sensor system.  Pups will be outgoing, confident,and very loving standard poodles!  Accepting applications now! 

Begin the process for securing your Magic Hour baby by filling out the Puppy Application at the bottom of this page. A deposit is required to hold a puppy for you. Our waiting list has already started.

See photos of our litter on our "Puppies" page.

    All companion/pet puppies are sold on limited registration and only on a spay/neuter contract.  Puppies are $2000.  A $500 non-refundable deposit is required to hold a puppy.  Balance will be paid in full before each puppy goes home.  We do not ship our puppies. 

    We are located in Western Kentucky and would love to hear from you!  Easiest to catch me on my cell: 1-270-635-8034 Becky and Brandon Godbey.   We love to chat poodles, share information, advice, and stories. 
     or send an email:

We are within easy driving distance for most areas of Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Ohio, Tennessee, and Mississippi.  If you are a seasoned traveler then South Carolina, North Carolina, Florida, Louisiana, West Virginia and Virginia aren't out of the question!  And if you live further away you can always fly into Evansville, Indiana (just one hour north), Nashville, Tennessee (2 1/2 hours south), St. Louis, Missouri (4 hours west), Louisville, Ky or Lexington, Ky (both roughly three hours east)!  

  • Puppy Application 
This questionnaire is given to all prospective puppy buyers. It brings into perspective the various requirements of both the puppy and his new owner. It serves as a guide to help us choose the best possible puppy to suit your lifestyle and needs. There are no right or wrong answers. We ask each applicant to answer the following questions as completely as you can.

You may copy and paste this into an email  and send to

Home Phone:

Cell phone:
Referred by:

1.   Why have you decided to purchase a Standard Poodle?

2.   Which characteristics of the Standard Poodle have drawn you to this breed? 

3.   What research have you done on this breed? 

4.    Are you interested in a male or female puppy? 
5.    What sex and color poodle puppy would you like to have? 

6.    Would you take a different sex or color if your first choice is unavailable in this litter?
7.    What do you know about the grooming requirements of a Standard Poodle? 
8.    Will your puppy go to a professional groomer or will you learn to do your own grooming? 
9.    Are you interested in breeding or showing your Standard Poodle puppy? 

10.   Do you  understand that all pet puppies are required to be spayed/neutered? 
11.   Is there any specific purpose that you want this puppy for? 
12.    Who will  be the primary care giver of the puppy? 

13.   Do you have any children? If yes, what are their ages? 

14.    Does anyone in your household have allergies? 

15.    Is anyone  in your household elderly or infirm? 

16.    Do you  have any other pets? 
17.   Do you  have a secure fenced yard? 

18.   If you have a swimming pool is it fenced off from the rest of the yard? 
19.   How many hours, on average, will the puppy be left on its own per day? 
20.   Is there someone available to feed and exercise the puppy during the day?

21.   Will the  puppy be an inside or outside dog?  

22.   How will the puppy be confined when he is outside? 
23.   Where will the puppy be kept when you are not at home?
24.   Where will the puppy sleep?  

25.   Will you be attending puppy kindergarten or obedience classes?  

26.   Will the puppy be taken on family outings? 

27.   How active do you wish your poodle puppy to be? 

28.   Would you consider an older puppy or an adult if one were available? 

29.   Have you ever raised a puppy before?  

30.   Will you have the patience to accept the trials of puppy-hood, which may last the next 18  months? 
31.  Are you prepared to invest your time in training the puppy to become a good companion?  

32.  Do you  have any questions you would like to ask us?