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"Guess what? We can’t win the political struggle until we have economic independence.
And how can we have economic independence? We have to own our own land, control our own food
production – and we have to do it through co-ops." - Fannie Lou Hamer, Civil Rights and Voting Rights Activist

The mission of Magic City Agriculture Project (MCAP) is to engage in value-based community organizing to reweave the threads of the community, develop sustainable urban agriculture as a solution for economic and food justice, and to dismantle racism.

Values and Vision:
The idea that underpins our project, Just Sustainability, encompasses the values of community empowerment, anti-racism, economic justice, and ecological wisdom. This means that all of our projects and community organizing are conscious of racial and class dynamics and seek to remedy those inequities. Actively listening to the needs of the community harbors the empowerment necessary to root out these injustices. This is our role. In addition to engaging in value-based organizing, we believe that our communities can amass power and economic opportunity through constructing an alternative food system and creating access to their own means of production. Our projects not only recognize the remarkable damage corporate agriculture has wrought on the land, but seek to rectify those damages through alternative production systems.

If you are interested
in getting involved, you can call or e-mail us and we will have one of our organizers contact you. Contact information listed below.

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Unpacking our mission:
Income distribution is worse now, both across race and across class lines, than it was 50 years ago. When businesses are set up in a community the owners do not live in, any profit the business makes leaves the area, causing a wealth drain from the surrounding community. To change this, we believe communities and workers need to be able to have power over their own institutions in their own communities. This can be done both by organizing around the issues and values that are most important to us. In doing so we can either create campaigns to see those issues rectified, or build alternative institutions. We believe both methods are necessary.

With 40% of Birmingham residents living in a food desert, food access is one of our many needs. In response to this, we believe one of the solutions can be organizing cooperatives around food systems. This can include grocery store cooperatives, restaurant cooperatives, or agricultural cooperatives, including aquaponics. Aquaponics combines hydroponics, growing plant produce in water such as squash or beans, with aquaculture, which breads seafood such as tilapia or crawfish. This age old farming technique, reduces the hard labor, while increasing the economic viability, environmental sustainability, and the amount of produce. Like the farmers in the 60’s, we believe that by organizing worker-owner cooperatives we can begin to build the wealth and power needed in our communities to create change.

By building our own cooperatives and communally based institutions around our needs, we can both build wealth in our communities, as well as create access to what our communities need most. In a worker owner cooperative, the workers own the business, meaning the business is run democratically, and the power is cooperatively shared. Additionally, all profits are justly shared amongst the workers themselves, allowing our communities to keep and build wealth. Magic City Agriculture Project (MCAP) wants to be a resource to all peoples who want to organize campaigns around community needs, or organize cooperative systems. 

Funding and Becoming a Member!
While we fund raise like any other organization, we are a member based organization. Our choice to be a member based organization was with the intention of allowing our monetary base to be as close to our communities as possible.

If you are interested in becoming a member, please visit our "Becoming a Member" homepage. The link is located on the left sidebar.

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Contact Information:
If you are interested in getting involved you can contact our organization at MagicCityAg@gmail.com.
If you have any additional questions you can contact our Board President, Richard Rice, at (256) 529-0462.

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