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Sonic Suicide

Information on Vivo Records.

Magic Carpathians Project’s new release, „Sonic Suicide”, is as surprising and as challenging as every one of their previous albums. The figure of suicide designates the moment of closure and transformation, not far from orgasmic density and bodily pleasures of sounds on the album. The music here creates intense, vibrating, rhizomatic field of electric pulsations, drones and irregularities. This time Magic Carpathians Project’s line up has been scaled down to just two of core memebers who have been establishing the name since 1998: Anna Nacher (mistreated electric guitars, voice, lyrics, media manipulation& bastardization, loops, field Recordings) and Marek Styczynski (home-made analog sound modulator, field recordings, saxophon, clarinet, flutes, gongs, percussions). A prototype version of analog sound modulator – called badoog - which emits soundwaves of sinusoidal amplitude and frequencies reaching out beyond the standard range audible to human ear has been designed and built especially for this session. Anna Nacher sings, screams and soars both in English and Polish, occasionally inhabitting the space between languages or mixing up the dialects, idioms and pronounciations. Field recordings taken by the duo during their travels across Himalaya, Carpathians and Balkans are employed as signs of hybridic soundscape of cultural nomads, far from overproduced and colonized idioms of ‘world music’. Only for the bravest of the bravest!