Movement About Gophers for In Custody (MAGIC)


Universal Life Index from American General

Launch Date:

July 4, 2012


Lucille Mcelroy

What if you were placed in custody at no bail? 

Would it be a blessing to have a gopher with a go for it attitude?

A gopher to place funds in your books so you can purchase commissary items such as stamps, pad and pencil?

What if your friends and family are not able to get what you want them to do?

Banking on a Gopher was conceived to create a credit that justifies the purpose.

You would be glad you have done a preparatory step towards an unforeseeable event.

Not only you earned a friend but also someone who cares.

Featuring American General Life and Accident Insurance Company's AGLAchoice Index Plus.

You can borrow from Accumulated Value or redeem Cash Surrender Value.

Agreement customization services available.