2017 Crystal solo LP, Aguirre Records, White Night, Scirocco, Crystal, Solar Wind

2017 BAM, on Acoustic Deconstruction LP, The Label, San Francisco, CA, curated by Jacqueline                    Gordon

2016 Reflections, for solo flute, VAYU: Multi-cultural Flute Solos From the Twenty-First Century CD,             AMP Recordings, Nina Assimakopolos, flute

2015 Beyond, on Steven M. Miller's boxed set Between Noise and Silence, Innova label

2014 Gravity Spells: Bay Area New Music & Expanded Cinema Art, handmade boxed set created and           curated by John Davis—limited edition DVD/LP release (Black Ice and STATIC)  2014 Desertscapes, for two spatially separated women's choirs, released by the Lorelei Ensemble,             Beth Willer, conductor and artistic director. CD also includes works by Steve Reich, David Lang,           Alfred Schnittke, and Mary Montgomery
2013 Pop on SEAMUS Electro-Acoustic Miniatures 2012: Re-Caged
Flights of Fancy, Gamelan, Shimmer, Back to Forth, Ahh-Ahh (ver 2.1), Hikari, on solo LP                  Ahh-Ahh Music for Ed Tannenbaum's Technological Feets 1984-1987, Root Strata label.
Fluid Dynamics, Distant Thunder, Apparent Horizon, Arctic Winds, System Test (fire and ice),              Glassy metals, FIZZ, on solo CD Arctic Winds, Innova label.                                               
60X3, on 2006-07 60X60 double CD Compilation, Vox Novus label
2007 System Test (fire and Ice), on 2007 Computer Music Journal DVD, 'Far and Wide'
2007 :60 Fizz, on 60X60 double CD compilation (2004-2005), Vox Novus label
2006 ReCycle, on Women take back the noise CD compilation, Ubuibi
2006 It's Elemental, soundscape, on overheard and rendered CD compilation, and/OAR label.
2006 Of All, performed by flutist Nina Assimakopoulos, on Points of Entry CD compilation, Laurels                Project, Volume I, Capstone Records
2005 American Music Center, NewMusicBox: music informed by science (brief article, images,                    soundfile)
2005 twice around the earth compilation CD participant, ReR MEGACORP label
2004 Rock's Roll (after Royanji) Exhibition, Art in General (participation in installation April-June
        and in CD release), NYC
2004 Restart excerpt, on The Last Signal CD compilation, Independent Opposition label
2004 60 Spin, on 60X60 CD compilation, Capstone Records
2003 Lab Faucet, on The Lab–20 Year Anniversary CD compilation
2003 Ping and Pong, 2 30-minute works broadcast as part of Chris Cutler's out of the Blue Radio                Project: Resonance FM, 104.44 FM, London
2003 Ping and Pong: beyond the pail, 2 30-minute works released on CD on the and/OAR label
2003 web-based magazine eContact! :showcased New Adventures in Sound Art's 2002 year's                    activities, including System Test (fire and ice)
2003 Verein Polygon/'digitalCrystal' (Association for the Promotion of the Scientific and Artistic Study         of the Crystal) web site features Crystal and several photomicrographs by MP 2003 participant           in John Cage's Williams Mix, configured by Larry Austin, titled [re]Mix[...stallation] at Engine               27, NYC
2001 Moiré, used by Jordon Belson for the soundtrack for his film/video work, Bardo
2001 breaks/motors, on Oasis: Music from Mills 2001, Mills College CD compilation (also cover photo)
2000 White Turbulence, four channel electro-acoustic and visuals on Immersion, DVD-V,
        DVD-A compilation, 13 composers, Starkland label
1999 HUM, Aeolian Confluence, Inflections, and works by Behrman, Trayle, Brooks, and                            Haubenstock-Ramati, on the Extended Flute CD, New World Music label (originally CRI),                    (Payne: flute, recording engineer/editor, cover art)
1999 Apparent Horizon, Postwest publication (contemporary arts), with CD and article
1999 Raw Data, on "END ID" CD (compilation about 20th century media), Digital Narcis ltd. label
1998 Chris Mann Piece, on The Frog Peak Collaborations Project 2-CD compilation, Frog Peak label
1998 She Began Cutting the Situation into Sections, Melody Sumner Carnahan, writer/producer,                 released on The Time is Now compilation CD, Frog Peak label
1996 Desertscapes, on the Master Musicians Collective CD compilation titled Desertscapes, (also                 cover photo)
1996 flutist on Pauline Oliveros' Non Stop Flight CD, Music and Arts label
1996 Moiré, on Storm of Drones, Asphodel CD compilation
1995 contributed a musical "letter to the editor" and photo for the premiere issue of Control, a                CD-ROM electronic magazine on Sound Media and the Digital Arts
1994 Resonant Places, on Consortium to Distribute Computer Music (CDCM) CD, Centaur (also cover         photo)
1991 Ahh-Ahh, Phase Transitions, Subterranean Network, White Night, Scirocco, Crystal, Solar Wind,         on solo CD Crystal, Lovely Music label
1988 Airwaves (realities), on Another Coast compilation CD, Music & Arts label (also cover photo)
1986 White Night, Scirocco, Crystal, Solar Wind, on solo Lovely Music LP (also cover photo)
1986 Subterranean Network, Mills College Centennial album
1985 She Began, Ultrasounds Radio Series, nationwide broadcasts
1980 Lunar Dusk and Lunar Earthrise, on Lovely Music label
1978 flutist and bowed psalter player on Jacques Bekaert's album, Summer Music, on Lovely Music             label
1977 flutist on David Behrman's album and CD, On the Other Ocean (re-released on CD in 1996), on         Peter Gordon's album, Star Jaws, and on Blue Gene Tyranny's album, Out of the Blue,
        Lovely Music label