12 years old - Birthday January 01, 2000
Diagnosed January 4, 2010 with a bg of 461

History - Maggie was living in a ravine with other ferals when I first had a sitfing of her. She was approximately one year old when I slowly integrated her into my home. She had a litter of babies and wondered up to my 2nd floor apartment asking for food and was very friendly, but cautious.

Lantus U-100 Insulin - 1 drop

Maggie’s recent 14 day average is 155, using the Alpha Trak meter.
Negative for Ketones
Southern California

Maggie is presently eating Nature’s Variety BG Chicken and treats of Pure Bites Freeze Dried Chicken. She loves Fancy Feast Turkey & Giblets as a tiny treat. It acts as a mc and spikes her bg.

Maggie has Stage Two kidney disease.