Organisations are made up of people and, therefore, the interplay of personal skills is important to the overall effectiveness and performance of the organisation.

My approach to management and development within an organisation is to create a learning atmosphere which is person-centred. My objective is to allow individuals to extend their range of solutions that are workable and effective within their own particular environment.

My programmes are based on a framework of modules, each of which addresses strategies for coping with issues arising out of interpersonal relationships. This modular approach enables me to design a programme which is tailored to the requirements of the client.

In the acquisition of skills we consider that the first steps in the learning process is developing critical awareness of the individual’s strengths and weaknesses within their work place. Programmes are designed to allow participants to explore a range of skills and adapt them to their own needs and situations.

By increasing the ability of individuals to cope with varying situations we heighten their personal development leading to a more productive performance.

Training Programmes
My comprehensive range of training and development programmes are offered through:
      • specific consultancies
      • one day workshops
      • two day non-residential courses
      • two day residential courses

A list of the main training programmes appears below. Details about the individual training programmes can be viewed by clicking on the relevant course / workshop listed below:

All of the workshops are offered on an in-house or public basis. Costing will be discussed on an individual basis.

"I find it wonderfully difficult to grasp that tiny seed which I hold in my hand contains all the necessary information.. to become a tree weighing many tons” – Tim Stead