What is Supervision?
Supervision is a working alliance between a supervisor and a worker in which the worker can reflect on herself in her working situation by giving an account of her work, receiving feedback and where appropriate guidance and appraisal. The object of this alliance is to maximise the competence of the worker in providing a helpful service.

In many areas of work supervision is a professional requirement for employees. This is not only to ensure staff needs are addressed but also to support the needs of and ensure the safety of the client as well as monitoring the effectiveness of the interventions. I recognise supervision to provide supervises with the opportunity to discuss and evaluate client work.

What is the Purpose of Supervision?
Supervision allows you to off-load. This emotional release helps to ensure the continuing effectiveness of the practitioner (restorative). As a Supervisor I can also provide a valuable educational role, often making suggestions and offering effective guidance (formative).I also believe that Supervision helps maintain ethical and professional standards of practice (normative).

How do I work in Supervision?
I attempt to create the core conditions with my supervisees, namely empathy and acceptance in an open, warm and honest relationship. For me it is the relationship which is paramount. If we do not trust and respect each other we cannot work together! As a Supervisor I do not exclusively work with client presentation. I am interested in you in the wider context.
      • What’s the balance in your life at present?
      • In which direction are you heading?
      • Which issues are your own and potentially interfere with the clients' work?
      • Is it valuable to explore professional and personal development?
Supervision is not counselling but I do have an interest in you as a person in relation to you as a counsellor.
I facilitate both group and individual supervision.

How to arrange a Meeting
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"Accept me for what I am so that I may learn what I can become" - Anon