Life Coaching

Life Coaching is a dynamic and unique relationship between me , the Life Coach and you, the client. Working in a safe, confidential and supportive setting with someone who is non-judgemental and believes in you.

I will support you to realise your full potential and life purpose.
It’s all about personal development and making changes. So your life is richer and more rewarding. In other words helps you get more out of life.

When is Life Coaching Appropriate?
It is my experience that anyone can benefit at any time in their life from Life Coaching. However there are certain occasions when it is definitely a huge help:
When we're at a crossroads or a time when decisions must be made, stuck in a rut, have a sense that something is missing - Is this as good as it gets? When our work/life balance is wrong or we need to change direction

How does Life Coaching work?
      • You will work on Life Assessment and Life Satisfaction questions.
      • You will look at the sense of balance in your life.
      • You may complete a gap analysis – where you are and where you want to be.
      • Will encourage you to identify and set clear and realistic goals - to take action and achieve results.
      • Creates space and time to share your hopes, dreams, aspirations and ideas.
      • Helps you prioritise.
      • Explores and breaks negative behavioural patterns.
      • Pinpoints your doubts and fears.
      • Conquers mental and emotional blocks.

How do you arrange Life Coaching?
There are several ways this can be done. Initially you make contact with myself. We can arrange a regular face to face or phone session. Cost and methods of payment would be discussed. E-mails may be agreed between sessions.

"Like seeds of a tree each person has to have the opportunity to germinate, grow and flourish – and it is often through chance that opportunities occur." - Tim Stead, 1993