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MAGeo (Modelisation Agent Geography) is a modeling and simulation platform, which provides a user-friendly modeling and development environment for spatial agent-based simulations. It is developed since 2010 by searchers of UMR IDEES (CNRS) in Rouen, France, and is funded by the French ANR (National Research Agency) and FEDER (European Regional Development Fund).

With MAGeo, modeling consists in building a conceptual diagram, with boxes (Agents, Organizations, Behaviors) and relations (location), and to fill their parameters. Once the conceptual diagram correctly drawn, you can easily generate an executable model, and simulate it on the platform.

MAGeo transforms modeling by writing code into modeling by drawing diagrams and filling parameters. However, some MAGeo boxes, mainly Behaviors boxes, may need writing code to describe complex evaluations or actions. That is why Mageo also provides an easy programing language.

How to reference

If you use or refer to MAGeo in a publication, we ask that you cite it. The correct citation is:
Langlois P., Blanpain B., Daudé E. (2013). Magéo. CNRS-UMR IDEES, Rouen, France.


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