Magento Facebook Login extension

Magento Facebook Login extension allows visitors to sign up and log in your site via their Facebook account.
  • Use Facebook account to sign up without any other information required.
  • After signing up by Facebook, a new password can be released to make a separate account.

Why Magestore Facebook Login extension by Magestore


The more customers register on your site, the closer you reach potential buyers and the higher conversion rate is. The role of account registration is undeniable. However not all customers are patient enough to finish all the tedious required information at Create new Account page. Why not ease this step with Magento Facebook Login extension by Magestore? Registering for a new account on your website will never be easier since customers can use their Facebook account to sign up without any required information. Maximum 3 clicks and they will be yours.

  • Magento Facebook Login extension benefits

    HOW Magento facebook login extension WORKS

  • Magento Facebook Login extension how it works


    Signup and login through Facebook account

    This extension allows customers to log in through Facebook account easily and quickly in just 3 clicks!

  • Magento Facebook Login extension features detailed
    Admin provides a separate account with a new password

    You can configure to provide a new password to customers after their signup, so that they they can login your site use Facebook account but with a different password from their Facebook password

  • Magento Facebook Login extension features
    Configure the position of button Login via Facebook at any place on your site

    You can place the button of Facebook login at many places on the site, so that customers can see it and create a new account easily.


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