The Mage Knight Project

November 24, 2009:
Welcome to The Mage Knight Project!

I've finally decided to establish this site and named it "The Mage Knight Project" because it sounded cool and I needed a name for google sites to create the site.

What convinced me to do this after years is really the revival of  It's a forum board that was the second (ok, the first home) to many a mage knight player and at it's height could boast having 20,000 + users.  About a year ago, the site folded up and Typhon parked the site while he recovered from his burn out.  Well, that seems to be over as he has restarted the Realms and a group of us who still frequent the place (yes, we frequent a dead forum just to see if there's anything there) have also recovered from our burnout and are dedicated to saving what is left of the game. 

So, The Mage Knight Project has begun.

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