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Hello, I am magehammer of Ohio. I welcome you to my webplace dedicated to one of the best games ever invented: Magic the Gathering. The purpose of this webplace is to give me a place to document my experiences with Magic and share it with my friends and with anyone else who stumbles upon it.

Saturday Night Fight

April 29th-May 1st

The Classic has come and gone! And what a Classic it was. 

Some Highlights:

Sir Love Monkey's cosplay of Abu Jafar

Grizzly with the marathon winning streak in the Sealed Tournament. After losing a game to BetterOffRed, he went an amazing 11 games without a defeat. Well done! Huzzah!

This Classic also included a burst of generosity from the Little Wizards. They actually, out of the goodness of their hearts, manicured my lawn. Unprecedented. Thank you, sincerely from the bottom of my heart.

At the Spring Classic this year, we also learned that humor is in the ear of the auditor. 

Photo Gallery:

Stormbringer contemplates the consequences of his actions.

BetterOffRed is utterly defeated (Don't worry, he ended up having a great night, coming in second in the Sealed Tourney).

Flash does his best to explain his latest 'net deck's intricacies.

Thanks again for a successful and incredible meeting of friends. Another Classic in the books. Can't wait for summer...

Post Game Video Reports:

Video Post 1: Is That a Spider?!?

Video Post 2: Performance-Enhancing Proxies? The controversy continues...

Video Post 3: Surprise!!