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And now an intermission between Savage sessions...

(March 14th, 2011)
Headline in the New York Times


If only they knew...

(February 28th, 2011)
We followed the trail to a camp where we found some semi-fresh graves and a
few more items to use to survive on the island. The hobo found a shovel. We continued to track a trail through the jungle after we looted the camp. We lost the trail soon after and headed back to the grave camp. The next morning, we checked the graves and found that the people buried there were normal and died from the shipwreck. That was probably the most normal thing we have discovered on this island: normal corpses.

The next day, we continued on past where we lost the trail. We came upon a deep chasm that was spanned by a large old, moss-covered log. The hot broad try to make her way across the log and fell 20 feet, taking some bruises. I crossed the log and found some vines after the three outdoorsy types couldn't. The archaeologist made his way across to me. He fashioned the vines into a lasso and sent it down to her. We pulled her up. Everyone else made their way across the log, but the professor fell in the chasm. After we hauled him up, we decided to make a makeshift camp as their was a storm coming in. 

In the evening we heard unearthly chanting coming to us on the winds of the storm. Then the storm hit. We hunkered down under the lean to the adventurer archaeologist had erected for us. In the night during the storm, the hobo saw a horrible face appear in front of him, revealed by lightning. He reflexively swung at it, and managed to hit something semi solid. This place just gets creepier and creepier. 

We made our way further in to the jungle and eventually wound up back at our original camp where we found it undisturbed. As we were settling in, the radio we had retrieved from the plane began to squawk with noise. A man's voice began to talk to us. It was Lewiston! He said he was talking to us beyond the Veil of Sleep, yes, beyond the grave. He was warning us of great danger. The hairs on the back of my neck rose all at once. That was by far the scariest thing I have ever encountered in all of my 29 years. God help us...

(February 14th, 2011)
This island is starting to get to me. The hot broad and I decided to investigate more of the island when we were attacked by a fourteen foot python. She managed to jump out of its coils, and I shot it through the head. On our way back, we cut off some chunks for food.

What we found further on was the aeroplane of Ruth Copeland. She had disappeared and we found her plane. She was nowhere around, but there was a bloodied flight suit there. We scavenged the craft for whatever we could find that was useful: parachutes, some tools, some fuel, a bucket to carry it in, and a machete. I found a journal taped under the pilot's seat. I skimmed enough to know that it was Copeland's. There was a radio! It turned on, but I couldn't get any messages in or out. It looked too complicated for me to take out of its housing. I would have to leave it for the guys at the camp who know what they are doing.  

We returned to find that the shelters were up. We cooked some python stew and ate the rest of our pig meat. In the morning, we resolved to take the mechanical guys to the plane to see about the radio. In the night the hobo thought he saw something, but it turned out to be nothing. This whole place, though, has us jumping at shadows and seeing things that aren't there. 

I read the diary of Copeland while the guys worked on salvaging even more from the plane. The diary spoke of a secondary mission for Copeland once she was airborne. A Dr. Clive Lewiston wanted her to dump some old book into the drink. Something about a weird cult or something that he was afraid of. He warned her not to let the book get ahold of her. Sounds downright strange, but I don't know what is normal anymore. 

When we got back to camp, the professor got the radio going, but I wished he hadn't. The ungodly sounds of Japanese being ripped apart by something came squelching out of the radio. The professor seemed disturbed as he was pretty sure that the transmission was not coming in on any frequency. How that is possible none of us know. Unsettled, we all bedded down on our parachute pillows. 

The next day we decided to make our way in another direction to see what we could see. After hours of trekking, we made our way to another side of the island and a beach. There we found the wreck of a Japanese fishing vessel. There were signs that some guys took some heavy damage from the impact when they ran aground. The famous tracker found a trail of footprints leaving the boat and heading into the jungle. Whoever the tracks belonged to were dragging something heavy along. We will follow the tracks to see if we can find anymore answers to the strange things that keep happening, and to see if anywhere on this island is a boat or plane of something that can return us to our lives. 

(January 31st, 2011)

Tonight was an RPG double-header. After playing Dungeon Realm, we dived into a Trail of Cthulhu one shot GM'ed by Weezoh. I had rolled up a character, Balthazar Worthington III. While the rest of the Starshielders were playing pre-gens. 

One minute we were on a luxury liner, the next we are scattered across a beach on a most peculiar island. After orienting ourselves, we managed to find a spring and build a rudimentary shelter. A rather low class fellow and I brought down a boar. 

Now we have everything we need to survive for a few days, we need to turn our attention to getting off this blasted island. However, there is something just wrong about this place...

(January 31st, 2011)

After many months and a gaggle of boardgames, we finally ended my Dungeon Realm module, Return to the Dungeon on the Borderlands. 

The Company of the Mark continued down the long hallway to the room filled with undead. The wizard's spells and the cleric's smite brought the foul abominations down. They proceeded into the next room where a foul necromancer informed him that he was married to Trella, and that they should leave. 

The Company, of course, did nothing of the sort and attacked the necromancer and his undead minions. Two juju zombies acted as his honor guard and their crossbows and his wand, kept the heroes fighting the skeletons and zombies. The fighter, Motter, went down under the repeated blows of the undead, but he bought enough time for the others to destroy the enemies and fell the necromancer. His juju zombies did not go down easy, but eventually, the combined might of the heroes brought them down. 

They found poor Trella bound in a secret room off of the necromancer's laboratory. They healed her physical wounds but could do nothing about her mental anguish. They looted the lab and left the Dungeon behind, arriving in Silverburg, they plan on giving the girl some time to rest before making the trip back to Kordanathal to reunite her with her worried uncle. 

Where the Company of the Mark will go from there is anyone's guess, but wherever it may be, adventure and danger is sure to be found...

(November 29th, 2010)

The quest for Trella continues...

The Company of the Mark made their way deeper into the Dungeons on the trail of the missing Trella. They fought their way through bugbear zombies, a demonspawn zombie that retained its fire-making abilities, some ju ju zombies with nasty crossbows, and a few pits...and a well. They encountered a massive stone golem guardian that was guarding a door. It wanted a passphrase that was not yet apparent to the Company. 

They also found the lairs of some troglodytes and kobolds. The Company's magic-users informed the rest of the group that Trella was still alive somewhere in this labyrinth, and the kobolds put a name to the man who holds her captive: Veegor Moritz. The kobolds point the Delvers in the right direction. Next week the Company makes its way toward this mysterious Moritz in hopes of finding Trella before it is too late. 

(November 22nd, 2010)

Tonight we began an official Dungeon Realm campaign. All players created a character of their own. 

The heroes were brought to Tellestrand University through an unexplainable urgency. They soon discovered that all of them have a birthmark that resembles the holy symbol of Mistra, Goddess of the Dungeons. 

After a strange wind sends them an advertisement from a Scholar Jenkiss, a member of the Tellestrand University faculty, they meet with the man. After a tale of despair and heartbreak about his lost niece, he sends the heroes to Silverburg to enter a Dungeon Portal there and to solve the mystery of what happened to his missing niece, Trella.

The party made their long trek to the mining town near the Silver Mountains. The day after their arrival, they plunged into the Portal where Trella was abducted and made their way into the darkness.

Goblin zombies, a Giant spider, a magical sword, some skeletons, hobgoblin zombies, and very little treasure finds the heroes continuing into the Dungeons to find the lost niece of Scholar Jenkiss. Next week, the quest continues...

(November 15th, 2010)

Tonight the players took on the role of a band of Delvers who had been together for the last five years. A call from the town they helped in their very first mission sends them back down memory lane to the logging town of Pelion. There they discover a band of kobolds has taken to disrupting trade near the town. Not to mention there have been reports of livestock and people going missing. 

The Delvers soon discover the dragon behind the kobolds and his ogre and fire giant bodyguards. After a fierce struggle, they managed to defeat the dragon-- barely--and return order to the surrounding lands: All is peaceful in Pelion.

I felt tonight went really well. The Starshielders played five 5th levl pre-gens, all with at least 1 magic item. 

I have decided to improve a Cleric's Cure Wounds ability by level. We playtested improving spell damage through adding a CM penalty, and I am going to nerf the damage advancement on the fighter's and monk's special abilities. Overall, I am lovin' the feel of the game and am truly having a blast. 

(October 25th, 2010)
Another night of my homebrew old school, fantasy RPG, Dungeon Realm. Five intrepid adventurers provided protection for a Tellestrand University professor and his niece. They were travelling to the Borderlands from Kordanathal to study an inactive Dungeon Portal. After two encounters on the road, they arrived in Silverburg and the hospitality of Rotundalas,  the elven innkeeper and his wife, Trendalin. The next day brought them to the Portal. Scholar Jenkiss began studying the inactive Portal in earnest. Hours later, it activated, a hairy arm grabbed Trella, Jenkiss' niece, and four bugbears emerged to bar any rescue attempt. 

The heroes jumped into action. After defeating the bugbears, they went into the Dungeons to rescue Trella. 

They mowed through some goblin guards, defeated a squad of hobgoblins,

and entered a dark temple to Orcus. The demonspawn cleric and her bugbear bodyguards kidnapped Trella to sacrifice her to their demon god. The heroes leaped into action. They fought valiantly, slaying the cleric and preventing Orcus's plan. However, they were defeated in the end by the bugbears, martyrs to be honored and remembered...

A TPK, but in a two and a half hour session, six combats and loads of fun. I call that a successful night of gaming. Most importantly, I had a blast!

Thanks, Starshielders! 

(October 11th, 2010)

Being down two players, we decided to take a break from our regularly scheduled game, and instead, my group was gracious enough to playtest my homebrew fantasy RPG, Dungeon Realm. 

The adventurers were hired by a dying old man to deliver his death donation to the temple of his goddess in the Dungeons. They defeated those who were bent on stealing the donation and the guardians of the Dungeons to fulfill the old man's request. The heroes were successful and returned with the man's death key. He paid them, thanked them, and faded from sight. Who was the old man? Where did he fade to? Maybe those answers will become apparent in the coming days...only the gods know.

Overall, I felt my system worked very well and played smoothly. The feedback the Starshielders gave me was invaluable. Thanks, guys. I will keep tweaking it. Hope we can play it again someday.  

(September 27th, 2010)

Our fifth session of Savage dungeon crawling...

Immediately after slaying the troglodytes, we continued forward and after a few more rooms filled with corpses, we stumbled upon a resting room populated by even more trogs.
We parlayed, and I was unable to establish any trade. The trogs wanted nothing from us. Apparently neither side really wanted to fight either. We retreated keeping an eye on their door, but they did not come for us. Next we found our way to a grouping of workshops with forges in them. More stirges and junk. In one room we were set upon by rats during our searching. They were the size of dogs. I personally smashed two of the foul vermin with my staff, slaying the little buggers.
We made quick work of them. Mathishard wondered about what they were making in this room, wondering if they were outfitting an army. Hard to say in this strange place. From the rats room, we staggered around and searched several other rooms, trying to avoid trouble. Then we found a series of rooms devoid of bodies. Too devoid. As we entered this area, a swarm of rats boiled toward us. I immediately sheathed myself in magical force armor while my companions began to run and stomp on the swarming vermin. Oh, what a horrible feeling to have those creatures flood around your ankles and legs.
Thank Xather for my spell or I would have become a rat snack. Finally, Tank managed to light a torch and disperse the foul creatures with fire. Take that rats! Now we continue on, slowly exploring our prison in hopes of finding an egress. May Xather guide our way...

-- From 

The Travels of Caster Bolthill and Other Heroic Personages of the Secret Society of Halfling Heroes: a Memoir

(September 13th, 2010: And we're back!)

Our fourth session of Savage dungeon crawling...

We took a well-deserved rest after defeating the ogre, and ultimately left him bound and unconscious on the Fountain Room floor. After trekking through what seems like endless rooms and passages, we found several orc, troglodytes, and darkmantle corpses. Apparently this section of this labyrinth saw a titanic fight between these groups. In one room we found an orc survivor, Tupak (or something like that; I never did master the orc tongue), who told us his leader brought his war party into this place to look for treasure. Tupak assured us that they found nothing but death. I asked Tupak to join our group figuring there is strength in numbers. I found out a few minutes later exactly how Tupak managed to survive his group's fights with the darkmantles...

We had entered a room filled with corpses. Once my fellow halfling wizard's light shined upon the room, up from the corpses arose more of the filthy blood suckers I have heard called stirges. A veritable flock of them. With magic and axe, we laid those suckers low. Tupak backed against a wall and gripped his axe if fear. Some mighty warrior. 

A few passage later, we were ambushed by a group of underground dwelling fish men. I believe they are called troglodytes. Filthy creatures! And the smell...indescribable. We maneuvered and slashed them. I got off magic missiles that took down two of the beasts. They soon were lying at our feet in their slimy blood. The Secret Society of Halfling Heroes and their allies had won the day. Now, onward to unknown places and through found secret doors. We must find a way out of here. I long to see the sun...

-- From 

The Travels of Caster Bolthill and Other Heroic Personages of the Secret Society of Halfling Heroes: a Memoir

(August 23rd, 2010)

Our third session of Savage dungeon crawling...

As we were mopping up the kobold corpses, I spotted a writhing bag in the corner of their filthy room. Trussed up inside was a rather large, bound human. After I removed his gag, the first thing he asked for was chicken. He is a hungry fellow. I fed him a bit of my rations. I know it will not be enough. However, after a brief discussion with him, we decided he was trustworthy, and invited him to join our ranks. He found his equipment among the detritus of the room. I am glad we have another effective weapon in our party. It seems that this place is even more dangerous than we thought. 

We continued to explore what we could. The gnome (confused dwarf, if you ask me) ended up on the receiving end of some rat teeth. We dispatched the filthy vermin quickly. Next we ran into a pair of troglodyte gamblers. They had nothing of value or interest for us, so we moved on. Lola ran into a trap that was over Esther and the gnome's head (literally). Esther removed if for the rest of us. 

We searched one room that had grasping and reaching creatures that cloaked themselves in magical darkness. After a few initial swings in the magical darkness that yielded no results, we retreated from that room until we feel better able to deal with the threat in that room beyond attacking the darkness.

The next set of rooms we entered apparently was a nesting ground for a rather nasty flying creature with a pronounced proboscis. These vile creatures seemed to like the taste of blood. They latched onto several of our party, but with much swinging of steel and slinging of spells, we brought the horrors low. 

After a not even brief rest, we continued into a room of four pillars that were actually ingenious fountains. I almost think it would have been a relaxing and pleasant place to rest if it weren't before the brutish ogre hiding behind one of the pillar fountains. The gnome, of course, made the ogre angry, and he attacked us. After a furious battle and several wounds, we finally managed to fell our tough opponent. He asked for mercy, and we gave it to him. We rendered him unconscious and now try to catch our breaths before we bind and question him. Hopefully, he may be able to give us valuable intelligence about the surrounding chambers, and maybe, just maybe know of a way out of this tortuous prison. 

-- From 

The Travels of Caster Bolthill and Other Heroic Personages of the Secret Society of Halfling Heroes: a Memoir


(August 16th, 2010)

Our second session of Savage dungeon crawling...

As we were trying to decide which way to go, the sharp eyes of Esther saw some movement a ways up the hall. Being the curious sort, I followed her when she went to investigate. The gnome, Darrow, and some others followed. We members of the Secret Society of Halfling Heroes (and a gnome) entered the room only to find it full of a canine of some sort and the squat little lizard men known in some circles as kobolds. Oooooh, they are shifty, tricksy sort of creatures. 

They also were led by a shaman or sorcerer or something. We didn't really realize he was there until a few seconds into the battle. (I should have known, though, as I felt a tickling of fear at the back of my mind when we entered. I just chalked it up to nerves, but now in retrospect, I suspect it was he who was responsible.) Actually, we really couldn't see anything until Lola brought his/her lantern into the room. A wild and whirling skirmish ensued. I was slinging magic missiles willy nilly. One turning point of the battle was when I cast one of my favorite spells at their spell caster. He was immediately immobilized. He managed to wriggle and waggle his fingers enough to get off a few spells. I also realized he was trying to dispel my spell! We can't have that now can we? Anyway, after some took some wounds from the nasty kobolds, including Darrow and Esther, we defeated the skittish humanoids in glorious spell-slinging (and other weapons, yes) fashion. 

The gnome claimed the cloak around the spell caster's shoulders, and I took his well-fashioned bracers. Both are magical and imbue their wearers with magical defense. Hopefully, they will protect us better than it did him. Hopefully, we will have lunch now, and then continue to find out more about this most curious place...

-- From 

The Travels of Caster Bolthill and Other Heroic Personages of the Secret Society of Halfling Heroes: a Memoir

(August 9th, 2010)

Our first session of Savage dungeon crawling...

Our group of heroic adventurers, hired by King MacGuffin to investigate an earthquake revealed cave area, embarked on a most curious journey. When we arrived at the site, the body of a titanic humanoid lay dead upon the ground. Further investigation revealed little about his demise. 

The more intrepid members of our group tired of looting the body and moved into the cave mouth. It led to a worked passage and the most curious doors. Darkness lie beyond the doors; darkness that held onto Darrow's staff. (Darrow is a fine fellow, by the way, and a member of the Secret Society of Halfling Heroes.) We decided to follow the staff into the darkness and found ourselves trapped in the most curious place. A few coughing orcs were resting in a corner, and in typical rude orcish manner, refused to speak with us. They just laughed as we explored the various doors leading out of this entrance hall. Another member of the Secret Society of Halfling Heroes, Esther, a thief if there ever was one, triggered a really fascinating burning hands trap.  Our gnome stealth specialist found a room with an Archon 9 in it. A lighted face. The poor thing dropped us a map at the urging of the gnome. Now we have a way to find our way about. This place seems to be massive. After a creature dropped on the gnome's head, and Darrow vanquished it with an awesome display of arcane might, we found several rooms seemingly damaged by the quake. 

Esther wants to be sure she checks every nook and cranny, while the rest of us want to find treasure, magic, and adventure. For now, we continue to search from room to room, trying to find a way out of what appears to be an extremely massive dungeon.

-- From 

The Travels of Caster Bolthill and Other Heroic Personages of the Secret Society of Halfling Heroes: a Memoir 

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