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To record the gaming history of the Starshield Gaming Society's Savage Worlds campaigns. 

Past Campaigns

For those interested, all of our sessions are now chronicled at our wiki here:

Falltide 21, NE 1287

(August 2nd, 2010)

Our seventeenth session finds the Company of the Shadow Slayers racing to retrieve what ever the dragon cult has taken from underneath Horntallow. After fighting their way through flying cultists, they catch the fleeing mountain and infiltrate the dragon's shrine where he is keeping his prize. Dragonmen, Vigilants, and Agents of Harklecane clash, heroes die, heroes conquer. Now that you have saved the Swordlands, what do you do?

Falltide 21, NE 1287

(July 26th, 2010)

Our sixteenth session finds the Company of the Shadow Slayers delving into the underground quarters of the Kelenite Temple, Horntallow. There they find Cultists of the Wyrm, Dragonmen--and for one unfortunate member of the Company--death. Tek Tek has fallen to the dragon-headed firebolt of a Dragon man sorcerer. A sad day at the gaming table when one of our own falls. The cult escaped with whatever it was they were looking for and murdered the unfortunate followers of Kelen. Now the Company must fly to the floating mountain to stop whatever machinations the cult is planning. Will they succeed?

Falltide 21, NE 1287

(July 19th, 2010)

Our fifteenth session finds the Company of the Shadow Slayers on the Kri'thanic airship, the Fly Fly, on a mission on behalf of the Church of Kelen to investigate a mystery. Click the link above to read Tek Tek's journal to find out what they discovered over Horntallow.

Harvesttide 21, NE 1287

(July 12th, 2010)

Our fourteenth session finds the Company of the Shadow Slayers moving deeper into the Inner Sanctum of the the Death Temple of Draven: Skeletons, zombies, and Necrogolems, oh my...

Tek Tek's Journal on its way...

Harvesttide 21, NE 1287

(July 5th, 2010)

Our thirteenth session finds the Company of the Shadow Slayers slogging through a sewer and then a Temple of the death god, Draven. They discover undead and a door of wracking pain...

Things get worse...

Harvesttide 21, NE 1287

(June 28th, 2010)

Our twelfth session has the Company of the Shadow Slayers chasing the infamous Spellbook of Mrestronias up a passage to a wooden bridge. Members of the Invisible Order attempted to stop them, but to no avail. They found themselves in a tower in the Muirwood. After making their way through locked doors, they found Invisible Order members dead on the top floor as a portal closed. After a second wave of Invisible Order guardians arrived, they mistook the heroes for the murdering book thieves. The heroes fought hard and with the help of the surviving Invisible Order leader, have discovered the book was taken by the Church of Draven. Now through magic she is taking the Company into the mouth of a Draven temple. Will they be able to wrest the book from the skeletal clutches of the followers of the god of death and undeath? Tune in next week to find out. 

On a sad note, Missing is broken and currently in a coma, a victim of no less than seven lightning bolts. Shocking, I know!

Harvesttide 21, NE 1287

(June 21st, 2010)

Our eleventh session finds the Company of the Shadow Slayers on a mission of some urgency. They are teleported to the site of a Kri'than airship--the Rek Rek-- wreck where they are to retrieve a necromancer's spell book from those who would use its spells for evil. When the heroes arrive, they encounter an Archivist Strike Team...but the Invisible Order has absconded with the book...The heroes neutralize the strike team and find their way to an ancient drow gate. After Tek Tek figures out how to activate it, the heroes make their way through a gate and find themselves in a subterranean chamber facing a passage leading out...

The Rek Rek wreck...

Vot 21, NE 1287

(June 7th, 2010)

Our tenth session was crammed full of gaming goodness. Our heroes fought off the werewolf ambush, which gave the leader of the pack time to finish the ritual that would bring Malar back to Mevun. The heroes, hunting the hunter, unwittingly brought on the ascension of Malar by slaying Raginor, priest of the Beastlord. His sacrifice was the final step in the return on the hunter. Now the heroes must face that which they wrought...


Vot 13 - 21, NE 1287

(May 31st, 2010)

Our ninth session found the heroes striving to keep the cleric of the Old God, Selune, Nula Brightsheen from the clutches of the lycanthropic followers of Malar. The werewolves want to bring their Beast lord back to Mevun. Will the heroes reach the Temple of the Fang in time? Can they stop a god from returning? Tune in next week and find out!

Vot 13, NE 1287

(May 17th, 2010)

Our eighth session found the heroes battling for their lives vs. horrible ghouls and a ghoulish troll. 

They found a page from a book that has led to more questions than answers. They returned to Argos where they found some answers and have found their way to the home of a woman who may be able to help them stem a great evil only to find evil has found its way to them first...

Vot 7, NE 1287

(May 3rd, 2010)

Our seventh session found the heroes under Dark Haven. They managed to make it out of the City of Thieves with no mishaps. 

They then made the long arduous trek to Argos where they earned the right to name their Shard. They are now The Company of the Shadowslayers!

Now they have a new mission investigating the disappearance of Ilmaterian monks in the Blade Hills, south of Argos. 

Investigate they have and what they have found is unspeakable...

Kot 2, NE 1287

(April 19th, 2010)

Our sixth session found our heroes with a decision to make. And they proceeded through the Shadow Portal and ended up in  a dark, dark place...

Kot 2, NE 1287

(April 5th, 2010)

Our fifth session was a titanic battle between the forces of Keeva: Shadowguards, a Dark Priest, and four doppelganger warriors. During the battle, a Shadowrift opened in the cellar of the Boardinghouse. More Shadowguards appeared...Not good for our heroes.

The Vigilants of Starshield enter the hall of shadow...

Kot  2, NE 1287 

(March 28th, 2010)

Our fourth session was filled with thrills as the heroes were speeding their way to Kelen's Cloak to stop the doppelgangers. They had a lay over in Argos and then were waylaid on the way to Kelen's Cloak by the forces of Keeva, Mistress of  Darkness and Misfortune.

After they healed from their battle, they made their way to Kelen's Cloak to find it shrouded in a dome of horrible darkness...

Fot 20th, NE 1287 (March 15th, 2010)

Our third session has occurred with an exploding missive, slain thieves, a shady character's lair occupied by some shady--literally--visitors. Behold: Whisper's Hideout:

"I attack the darkness..."

Fot 20th, NE 1287 

(March 1st, 2010)

Our second session has occurred and a great time was had by all. Soon, our resident scribe will be posting good Tek Tek's second journal entry on all that has transpired. Stay tuned...And to keep you on the edge of your seats, here is a pic of a nasty battle vs. gnolls.

Into the Glow...

Weezoh, our other resident GM's Sundered Skies (also by Triple Ace Games) campaign is underway. My characters are featured in the link below. Alas, Chainbreaker is deceased.

   I am running Triple Ace Games' Space Pulp rules and running their first Daring Tales of the Space LanesWaylaid at Wayland.
   They have great gaming goodness and the pre-generated characters for the campaign can be found at their website. Check them out.

Campaign Materials

Realms of Cthulhu

Weezoh is continuing one of our group's long-standing traditions: Lovecraft in the Autumn. This year is particularly exciting because we will be playing the Savage Worlds version of Cthulhu published by Reality Blurs. I can't wait to watch my fellow PCs fall before the sanity-warping effects of the Mythos like so many leaves off of the trees. My character is posted below:

Savage Worlds is Fast Furious Fun!!

Our GM pulled both jokers for his extras and his Wild Cards. We didn't stand a chance...


Pictures from 2/1/10

Pictures from 1/25/10

2/8/10: From an outside observer:
The company of orc hunters who left the safety of Minas Tirith to rid the world of the scourge of orcish doom has apparently met their own doom as they have not returned after many weeks. We can only surmise that they have met a most untimely demise at the hands of those they hunted. An image came to me in a dream. It was of a bearded man holding two playing cards, each portraying a demonic jester. Though I know not its meaning. I think it is a sign we will never see the brave heroes that left us on a foggy morning. Now have gone into the fog of the afterlife, never to be seen again.

2/1/10: From the Journal of Durion Gontar.
As we penetrated deeper into the lair of these foul beasts, my heart raced. Somehow I felt something was wrong in this place. Why else would the orcs use this place as their home? It must harbor evil of all kinds. We found more of them and ended their bestial reign. We left the females and children to their own devices. After all, we have to leave more for those who come after us. We could end them now, but somehow I feel that by doing so, we somehow would become as bad as these foul creatures. 

Deeper we go, slaying these orcs as we go. No wonder the dwarves have so many songs dedicated to killing these creatures. They provide a challenge and a satisfying feeling that we are doing some good in the world. 

1/25/10: From the Journal of Durion Gontar.
We tracked the filthy orcs to their hidey hole. It appeared as if the foul beasts had taken up residence in an old abandoned stronghold of some type, dug into the side of a mountain. Our stalwart dwarves opened the massive doors and into darkness we went. The hobbit and I scouted ahead. Not far into the lair, we found a guard room. 

Our elf archer positioned himself across from their chamber and let loose an arrow that took one of the vile creatures in the head. The battle was on. I sprang forward as the vile-smelling beasts flowed around me. I stabbed quickly as they passed and felled one and sent another reeling. We truly did make short work of the creatures with stabbing blades and chopping battleaxes. Some tried to escape and warn their brethren, but our fleet-footed warriors chased them down. Orc blood flowed, with the wounds on our side few. One of our dwarves suffered some serious wounds, but in typical dwarven fashion, he took them stoically and he soldiered on. 

Shortly after we cleaned the mess we made in the hall, the hobbit and I scouted ahead. We found the beast's larder; the elf suggested we burn it, but in the end, we left it. If all went as planned, there would be no more evil mouths to feed in this labyrinth. Soon we found a shaman's casting chamber where he attempted to cast his foul magics at us. I made quick work of the fell beast. Apparently, this was the tribes healer for the room was stocked with strange herbs. We have taken a short respite but plan on continuing our hunt to rid the lands of these heinous abominations. Orcs bring suffering and misery to all they touch. On with the hunt.

1/11/10: From the Journal of Durion Gontar
In the dawning of the Fourth Age, the need has arisen to chase straggling orcs from their holes around Minas Tirith and all parts of Gondor. The nasty, evil beasts have fallen into banditry and murder to survive and satiate their brutish natures. 

I have gathered together a group of querulous adventurers who have become restless now that the War of the Ring is done. Some of this small group are eager to see more orc blood shed, a few want to prove something to themselves, and the last of us are just looking for the mysteries of the open road and the excitement of adventure. 

We set out from Minas Tirith one foggy spring morning, hunting some orc. As we crossed Pellinor Fields, we gazed upon the churned up earth of the once battlefield, recalling the violence that had occurred there just a short time ago. I can't think of the war without remembering her. I almost lost my composure, but it wouldn't do to have dwarves see me cry. I must bury her in my heart and move on. 

We soon reached the hills outside the city and our trackers picked out the trail of a rather large group of the orcs. We followed their spoor to a ravine chock full of nooks and crannies. Our sharp-eyed elves and hobbit saw the beast hiding among some rocks. Our archers went to the high ground while us swords, axes, and hammers headed down the throat of the ravine. Soon the battle was on. However, with a few well-placed arrows, deft sword strokes, strong axe and hammer work, and a bit of magic from one of our elves, the day was won. Our hobbit had an exceptional shot that took one of the vile creatures full in the forehead. 

For now, we have made Gondor a bit safer. But it seems that there is no end to the fecund orcs of Middle Earth. Off to thin their ranks and send them back to their holes.


December 14th, 2009: 

We had a nice relaxing game tonight where Osbourne feverishly crafted some bullets out of silver and made his way back to Lesser-Edals just in time for nightfall. When lo, and hark, we hear the howling of a wolf on this night illuminated by the full moon. We followed the urgent and mournful sounds to the road that led to the Castle Vains. 

On our way there, we were accosted by a ravenous were wolf. No really, we were. Our intrepid investigators fought valiantly with two of our number falling to its nasty teeth and claws...down but not out.

While Jack and Osbourne, the bearers of the pure silver bullets punched round after round into its furry body, the others distracted it and finally, the beast succumbed to our silver onslaught. We won the night and the wolf transformed into a rather comely young woman. Poor cursed soul. Now may she rest. 

And the psychologist just snapped pictures...guess what he saw.

November 30th, 2009: We got together tonight to follow up on some leads from the last session. After much discussion, we decided upon visiting the village of Lesser-Edals. What we found there has left all of us dreading the full moon as we have discovered the secret of this small hamlet. Let's just say, Osbourne has to make some bullets...silver bullets. 

November 16th, 2009: Osbourne was out sick last night so here's just a quick status report for those following along: 

Having barely survived the horrors of Ju Ju House, the investigators have discovered that instead of answers they now have more questions. 

After much deliberation, they decide that the course for them is to follow in the footsteps of the carlyle expedition and will steam to London. 

Arriving after a restful week on a steamer they begin to follow up the two leads they have; Mickey Mahoney, and the Penhew Foundation. 

From Mickey Mahoney's The Scoop they learn of three possibilities from articles he published. Seeking out a local artist they make a find of a painting that has definite elements of the mythos showing some familiar headgear. Stopping for a drink in an egyptian themed club they make contact with a girl who has information she'd rather not have, and back at the penhew foundation they find not much; but parapsycologist Linus Benderdash lingers behind as the group leaves the office and notices a private door to the store room next door; investigating further he discovers that the sarcophagus in the room is more than it seems but declines to remain separated from the group any longer.

November 2nd, 2009: We finally were able to get together for another game. The seasonal sickness took many of us out of the action, but when we returned to the table, it was like we had never left. Our characters did some very Lovecraftian things. As soon as I can get him to, I will have Osbourne send me his updated journal. Hang in there, readers. And watch your backs.

October 12th, 2009:  We finally had a session for the first time in three weeks. The fall sickness season hit us all pretty hard, but tonight we managed to have another RoC game that was definitely worth waiting three weeks for. 

Read Osbourne's journal entry below to get an idea of what happened. I will update it again soon. I like cliff hangers, you see. Enjoy.

       The Journal of Osbourne Tooms 3                    

      The Journal of Osbourne Tooms Entry 2

September 14th, 2009:
 Our first game using Reality Blurs' Savage Worlds: Realms of Cthulhu. It was a role-playing extravaganza. Weezoh our GM is using the excellent Masks of Nyarlathotep for the adventure. 

 A horrific mystery has led our team of investigators into a deep dark secret that apparently goes beyond New York City and into the heart of darkness. Below you will find pictures and the journal of Osbourne Tooms (I will be adding more to the journal in the coming days. So much happened I couldn't fit it all in in one sitting. Check back soon for updates in his journal), all of which hopefully capture the spirit of tonight's game. 

A few pics of our set up before the madness begins to consume us...

The Journal of Osbourne Tooms 

August 24th, 2009: After leaving Dragon Spine, the heroes rescued a courier from certain death and made their way to Shadowhaven where they were rewarded and asked to become part of a task force being sent to investigate the intelligence the courier revealed about the island of Plenty. 

The Trade Council asks the heroes to join the task force. On the task force they meet two stand out characters, a reformed sky pirate and a warpriest who, ah, talks to his warhammer, Clyde. On the mission, they encounter a grain hulk that contains some rather unusual water wraiths, combat ensues, the wraiths are defeated, but what secrets does the grain barge contain...

Chased by an orcish galleon...

Heading to Shadowhaven...

The haunted grain barge...

August 18th, 2009: While trying to solve a string of orcish murderers, our stalwart band managed to find the perpetrator, which led to the incapacitation of two of our members and the death of my character, Chainbreaker. Ah, the unforgiving Savage Worlds. 

August 10th, 2009: We sailed back into the Sundered Skies tonight with a lot of role-playing, a chase, and an orc mob attack. Here are some pics and watch for an update to The Journal of Chainbreaker on our wiki coming soon. 

The chase is on...

Yep, that's an orc mob all right.

August 3rd, 2009: My Shaintar campaign continues. In this episode, the Rangers are sent to investigate a series of grisly murders surrounding the quiet village of Homestead. When they arrive, they investigate and track down the killer, a fantastical creature that appears to be a cross between an owl and a bear. The Rangers defeat the creature and discover that it had been previously wounded and poisoned. They track the beast to its lair and discover the laboratory of an arrogant and long-winded sorcerer named Feekel, who creates these and other creatures using magic and something he calls science. The Rangers must now solve the mystery of who poisoned the bear and why and what the motivations of Feekel are...

The creature is found... The mystery deepens... A sorcerer's laboratory is discovered...

 July 27th, 2009: Tonight we continued the story begun in the Shaintar One Sheet: For Love or Honor. Ananda's contacts informed her that Sharla Moran had been spotted in the Snakes Den. The team was dispatched at once to find her. After some undercover investigations, they secured a guide that would take them to Sharla' s hideout: where there was Sharla, there would be Adelaide. The informant's information was good and the Rangers discoverd an underground hideout under the manor of Karshot Fell, a mysterious but powerful Adept who lives outside of Camden. 

During a titanic battle, the Baron was killed, Adelaide released from her dominator, and Karshot surrendered as he was only helping his former student, Sharla. Upon her death, he really had no more reason to fight. 

The Rangers have returned Adelaide to her family and brought a Dominion spy to justice. 

 The battle is joined.

Reinforcements arrive.

Korshot know the fightislost.

July 20th, 2009: I ran the Shaintar One Sheet: For Love or Honor  tonight as Weezoh started his new job today and was a bit brain tired. More players were there than last time; still using the iconic pre gens available at RPGNow, and it was a blast. The heroes rolled a ton of Aces, felling Koller Jenns in just two rounds! His men fought on, though, but were ultimately defeated. However, the Baron escaped with his captured beloved. Can the Rangers track her down in time to avert a war? We will find out next time we travel to Shaintar...

Mission begun...

 Waylaid by "bandits"

Koller Jenns felled by the Hand of Weezoh!

July 13th, 2009: Our Sundered Skies campaign continued last night. It was a damn good time! We successfully completed the first of our group's divine missions! There is a little less evil in the Glow thanks to us. Here are some pics and be sure to check out Chainbreaker's Journal at our wiki. 

 Thieving zombies. Angry orc.

Ghastly engine room...

Battle to the undeath.

And check out the rest of the images from last night's game on Flikr: The Bone Queen's Barge

July  6th, 2009: I ran three of our Starshield gamers through the Shaintar One Sheet The Fallen. The heroes survived quite handily and destroyed the evil plaguing the hapless villagers. Overall, I was very happy with the flavor of Shaintar. It felt different but familiar all at  the same time. Fast! Furious! Fantasy! Fun!

 Village of the invading damned

 The heroes enter the crypt...

And if you don't mind a few spoilers, check out all the photos on Flikr:The Fallen Image Stream

June 29th, 2009: This week's session found us in the Sundered Skies once again. A battle with an undead baddie, and a message and brutish messenger from an insane god were the highlights. We got some salvage and gained two more trustworthy-looking members of our crew. Look for Chainbreaker's Journal entry on the events of the session soon at the Starshield Wiki...

June 22nd, 2009: Weezoh's first session of Sundered Skies was tonight. The game went well and fun abounded. Chainbreaker's Journal entry is complete and on the wiki. Here are some pics from tonight's game.

Sailing under fire from apes!The apes attack!!!! Soon after, the mutant ape falls to our combined might. Something is not quite right here...

June 15th, 2009: One of our players GMed her very first game ever. It just so happened to be Savage Worlds. She ran the Tomb of Terrors One Sheet from PEG. Three heroes entered the sewers; two returned, but evil was defeated. An excellent time was had by all, including the dead character's player. Hot streaks only last so long, Iczer! Here are some pics. Enjoy: 

Moosecadet's first session Photostream.

June 8th, 2009: Our fourth session and final scene of Waylaid at Wayland was tonight. An excellent finale. Unfortunately, Dagda Mor succumbed to the hellish wounds inflicted by Pro-Syndic Ash, but such is life (and death) in the Space Lanes. The heroes now move on to further adventures in the galaxy. Stay tuned!

 The forces align...

Battle ensues. Curses on Ash.

The surrender of Ash.

June 1st, 2009: Our third session was  a knockdown, drag out fight against a ton of Ash's robotic goons and their Commander Drax. There were plenty of wounds suffered with--unfortunately--several heroes rendered unconscious. In the end, the party was victorious and learned enough to head into the final scene. 

 Ambush! The heroes battle on!

May 18th, 2009: We had the second session of my Space Pulp campaign. I dub it a resounding success. Look for Indigo's Dispatch on the Starshield Wiki soon. In the meantime, I am posting up a couple of pictures from tonight's game. 

 The heroes enter Jazz's Cantina

The heroes smash the Cantina.

April 20th, 2009: We had the first session of my Space Pulp campaign!  Here are some pictures from the Junkyard Scrap!

 Jatha, heroes, and goons fight on.

                                 Two robots trapped by the magnetic grapple.