Magehammer's Battlegrounds

A site dedicated to the miniatures skirmish game 
Song of Blades and Heroes... 

I have moved my Battle Reports and pictures over to my gaming blog which can be found here:

Welcome to the Battlegrounds, my friends. On the field of battle your forces and mettle are tested like no other place. Spells are slung, swords are swung, and blood is spilled all in the name of the immortal conflict between the forces of light and the hordes of darkness. From the chaos of violence sown on the fields of battle heroes arise and foes are felled. Their songs must be sung so that the next generation can follow their names into history and onto further glory, carrying the battle ever forward into the twilight of the future.

        On this webplace, I shall provide you with a window into my experiences with what could possibly be the best miniatures skirmish war game ever designed: Songs of Blades and Heroes.    

I will be playing solo games and posting my battle reps and pictures of the games here.