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Images Created from the natural designs in beach stones.
Youtube Network /  Stone Art / Hidden Figure Brougth Out / Year 1974
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Ancient Astronomers
Notice book in hands. Largest stone I've done, 2 ft. by 1-1/2 ft.
The Plea
Most of my works express drama and poetic figures. 


Woman and Child
On the other side, was a woman and child also
Young girl comforting a sick woman
Besides using black paint, I sprinkle black sand over the wet paint.
Man and Woman
Photo taken at Cedar Beach

Shelter Island, New York 
 Woman and Child / Stone is 4" by 4"
Mother and Child

This stone 4" high . "I absolutely do not add any detail to figures", I only apply paint to what is not expressed.

Father and Sons
Three figures, father in center. Chunk marble used as base.

Bearded Man 
I find the majority of male hidden figures are bearded men.  
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