FS2004 Helio H-295 / U-10B Super Courier

On this page a link to the Helio Courier rugged airplane that is use by JAARS.
Here is the page were you can download this excellent FS2004 aircraft created by Tim Conrad at www.simviation.com.
Tim Conrad's comment companying this plane: " Rugged and dependable, the H-295 series Super Courier first flew in 1958, and also entered U.S. military use as the U-10. Combining large flaps, slats, and spoilers, the Courier could use the smallest of strips, which Air America saw as very useful in their now famous
operations in S.E. Asia. This FSDS 2.24 plane pack contains two models, civil H-295, and an Air America U-10B, each with own model and textures. Also has VC, and some custom gauges.
But there's more good news. JAARS textures for this plane are already available too, created by Dale Jackson.
As long as I don't have permission to upload them here, you can find them on this page, also  at www.simviation.com.
You can also search simviation.com with the searchterm FS2004 Helio Courier H-295 JAARS. 
See also these nice videos of the real Helio Courier here
With pending permission of JAARS.org, both pictures copyrights www.JAARS.org